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表示两个同类人或事物中“较…的”或“更 主语+系/谓+比较级+than+比较对象 加…的”,用比较级。

Li Dazui is heavier than Bai Zhantang.

Zhu Wushuang has shorter hair than Guo Furong.

诚招演员 由于《武林外传》的热播,剧组准备投拍 《武林外传Ⅱ》。现在需要男主角两名,女主 角两名,配角两名,角色有具体要求,有意者 请将照片寄到剧组或与剧组联系。

一号男主角:要求高大英俊,并深受女性观众 喜爱。(tall. handsome. popular….)
韩庚 黄晓明 陆毅

Han Geng is popular. Huang Xiaoming is taller than Han Geng. Lu Yi is the tallest of all.

二号男主角:风趣幽默,中年成熟,中等个身体 微胖 。(funny. old/young. fat/thin/heavy…. )


一号女主角:身材瘦小,有一双大眼睛,剧中饰 演古灵精怪的角色。(big/small eyes. short. thin….)
刘亦菲 赵薇 周迅

二号女主角:年近中年且性格外向、幽默搞笑。 (outgoing/quiet/serious. funny…. )




男配角:拥有极高的人气,是本片的票房保障 之一,且幽默搞笑极具喜剧天赋的演员。




配角:16岁左右的小明星,聪明活泼,体型偏瘦, 深受小观众的喜爱,同时有丰富的表演经验。
小雨 丁当 刘星


The more we learn, the better we will be. If we study hard enough, our English will be better and better.

outgoing11.物理 physics 1.友好的,外向的 12.然而 however twin 2.双胞胎的 calm 13.笑 laugh

3.镇静的,沉着的 4.鲁莽的,轻率的 wild 5.严肃的,庄重的 serious 6.擅长运动的 athletic 7.注释,说明 note 8.表示…的意思 mean both 9.两者都 10.她的(名代) hers

14.兴趣,爱好 interest 15.虽然 though 16.必要的 necessary 17.打败 beat 18.对…在意 care 19.友谊 friendship 20.信息,消息


1.更瘦的 2.更外向的 3. 更冷静的 4.更鲁莽的
1.thinner 2.more outgoing 3.calmer 4.wilder

5.更严肃的 6.更擅长运动的 7.更胖的 8.更短/矮
5.more serious 6.more athletic 7.heavier 8.shorter

9.更长的 10.更高的 11.更友好的 12.更文静的 13.更滑稽的 14.更聪明的 15.更受欢迎的
13.quieter 14.smarter 15.more popular

9.longer 10.taller 11.more friendly/ friendlier 12.funnier

16.更多的 17.更少的 18.更年轻的 19.更老的
16.more 17.less 18.younger 19.older

20.更脏的 21.更安全的 22.更快得 23.更拥挤的
20.dirtier 21.safer 22.faster 23.more crowded

24.更坏的 25.更冷的 26.更大的 27.更热的
24.worse 25.colder 26.bigger 27.hotter

28.更有趣的 29.更远的 30.更悲伤的
28.more interesting 29.farther/ further 30.sadder

1.超出 more than 2.共有的,公有的 in common 3.擅长 be good at 4.嘲笑 laugh at 5.小学

primary school 6.上封信 last letter 7.正如你所看到 as you can see 8.在一些方面 in some ways 9.看起来一样 look the same 10.看起来不同 look different 11.和……一样 as……as 12.不如……怎么样 not as/ so……as 13喜欢做某事. enjoy doing sth

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

14.相反的观点和兴趣 opposite views and interests 15.大多数孩子 most of the kids 16.我最好的朋友 my best friend 17.一些不同点 some differences 18.与……不同 be different from 19.与……相同 be the same as 20.让某人笑 make sb laugh (let, have) 21.与某人做相同的事情 do the same things as sb 22.喜欢讲笑话 enjoy telling jokes 23.呆在家里 stay at home 24.停止交谈 stop talking 25.成绩优秀 have good grades 26.打败某人 beat sb

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

擅长与人相处的,善于处理 be good with care about 关心/在乎 be popular with 受…欢迎的 不同种类的 different kinds of do/ make a survey 做调查 too many passengers 太多的乘客 begin with 以…开始 有一些共同之处 have some things in common 没有共同之处 have nothing in common 两者都 both….and for sb. 对某人来说

1. Pedro比Paul更滑稽。 2.Tina比Tara更高。

Pedro is funnier than Paul Tina is taller than Tara. 3. Tom比Sam更擅长运动。 Tom is more athletic than Sam.

Is Tom smarter than Sam? She is a little more outgoing than me.

6.正如你所看到的,在某些方面我们看起来一样, 在其他一些方面我们看起来不同。

As you can see, in some ways we look the same, and in other ways we look different.

Thanks/ Thank you for your last letter.

8.我认为差异在友谊中重要.(否定句) I think differences are important in a friendship

9.刘英不如她的妹妹擅长运动。 Liu Ying is not so/ as good at sports as her siste 10.我最喜欢的科目是化学和物理。 My favorite subjects are chemistry and

11.他总是在打网球时赢我。 He always beats me in tennis. 12.她非常擅长数学,物理和化学。 She is very good at math, physics and chemistry. 13.有些朋友有相反的观点和爱好。 Some friends have opposite views and interests. 14.两年前,我是一个小学学生。 Two years ago, I was a primary school student.

I think a good friend can make me laugh. 16.我喜欢拥有跟我相像的朋友。 I like friends who are like me.


Her hair is longer than mine/ my hair.

She has shorter hair than me.

Tom is more popular than Tim.

The physics teacher is younger than the music teacher.


My mother is more serious than my father.


I am not so/ as tall as my brother.

考试必背 1.句子中有than,形容词就必须用比较级。 2.不规则的形容词比较级:两好、两坏、两多、 一少、两远。better, worse, more less, farther. 3.双写辅音字母的形容词比较级:big, thin, fat, hot, wet. 4.Thanks/Thank you for +V-ing 5.be good at +V-ing 6.enjoy +V-ing 喜欢做某事 7.as +形容词/形容词原级+as 8.修饰形容词比较级的词,much, a lot, far, a little, a bit, even, still.

9.make, let, have 作为“使,让”的意思时, 后面跟动词原形。make me laugh 10.opposite, different后面跟可数名词复数。 11.It is +形容词(necessary/ important) +for sb. to do sth. 对某人来说做某事是… 12.否定前移的条件1)think, believe, suppose, imagine引导的宾语从句。2)主句的主语是第一 人称。即,I think+从句。 13.stop to do停止正在做的事情,去做另一件事 情 stop doing 停止正在做的事情

1.Jim and his friends all like sports very much. They are a_________. thletic nformation 2.Can you find any i_________ about Hainan Island? I want to go there on vacation. 3.He is so funny that he often makes his augh friends l________. 4.The twin sisters have different i________. One likes playing basketball, nterests the other likes reading. pposite 5.Some friends have o________ interests and views, others like the same things.

6.Mr. and Mrs. Black have something in ommon c________. They both like sports. 7.He is good at English and p_________. hysics 8.I don’t think differences are important in ariendship f_________. 9.English is very important. So it is ecessary n________ for us to learn it well. 10.Lily is an o_________ girl. She enjoys utgoing telling jokes to her friends and makes others happy. alm 11. He is wild, but sometimes he is c______. eans 12. In Chinese, dragon m________“龙”.

词的适当形式填空 clean 1.His mother often makes him _______ (clean) his room on weekends. talking 2.He is never quiet! He can’t stop _____ (talk). more outgoing 3.Ted is ____________(outgoing) than Tim, but Tim is ____________(athletic) than more athletic Ted. hers 4.My bag is heavier than ______(her). stronger 5.Which is _______(strong), an elephant or a tiger. 6.The horse is getting old and can’t run so fast _____(fast) as it could before.

7.Mike’s best friend enjoys _______ listening (listen) to music. 8.Here are photos _______(photo) of my brother. 9.In some ways, Tina looks _______ different (difference) from her twin sister. 10.He is tired, so he stops _______(rest). to rest

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