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初二期中试题修订版及参考答案Microsoft Word 文档

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(满分100分 考试时间:60分钟)

姓名__________ 班次_________ 任课老师___________


( ) 1. ----_______do you exercise?

---- Four times a week.

A. How often B. How long C. How old D .How

( ) 2. He comes to school early every day. He is ______ late for school.

A. usually B. never C. often D. always

( ) 3. I have _________ my trip to Japan until next month.

A. put out B. put up C. put off D. put away

( ) 4. My grandma isn’t feeling ______, she wants to lie down.

A. well B. good C. bad D. hungry

( ) 5. What’s _____ John? He has a sore throat.

A. matter with B. the matter to C. the matter with D. the wrong with

( ) 6. Is there ______ in this book?

A. something interesting B. anything interesting

C. interesting anything D. interesting something

( ) 7. It takes _____ an hour ____ to work.

A. he; go B. his; to go C. him; going D. him; to go

( ) 8. ---______ do you _____ this movie?

---Very exciting.

A. How; think of B. What; think of

C. How; think about D. What; think about

( ) 9. ---Can you go to Lang Lang’s concert with me?

---Sorry, I have to finish the project. Maybe _____ time.

A. another B. other C. the other D. other

( ) 10. ---Would you like to play with us?


A. Yes, I would. B. Yes, I would like. C. Sure, I’d love. D. Sure, I’d love to.

( ) 11. Must I finish _____ this book today?

A. read B. to read C. reading D. to reading

( ) 12. ---My mother has a bad cold. She can’t go to work.


A. I hope not. B. Never mind.

C. OK. D. I’m sorry to hear that.

( ) 13. The movie is good. ______, I can’t watch it because I have tennis training with the

school team.

A.However B.So C.And D.Although

( ) 14. My sister and I _______ like sports.

A. all B. whole C. both D. too

( ) 15. He is one of those rare people ________ believes in ancient myths.


A.who B. whom C. which D. whose


Tom was a good boy. He was seven years old, and he was going to school soon. But Tom had a shortcoming(缺点). He couldn’t get up ___36___. He slept until nine or ten o’clock in the morning.

Tom’s mother didn’t want Tom to be late for school. So she bought him an alarm clock. She said to him. “You must get up __37__ you hear the clock ring.”

“Yes, Mum.” Tom said. ____38___ from then on. Tom got up when he heard the clock ring at six thirty every morning.

One day, his mother __39___ to wind up(上紧发条) the clock. And the next morning, Tom didn’t get up sat six thirty. ___40___ was time for breakfast. Mother went up to wake him up. Tom was __41___ and his eyes were open. He said to his mother, “I ___42__ very early.”

“And why didn’t you __43___?” Mother was ___44___.

“You told me that I must get up when I hear the clock ring. So I’m still __45___ the bell.”

( ) 16. A. late B. early C. hardly D. slowly

( ) 17. A. until B. before C. because D. when

( ) 18. A. And B. But C. Again D. Still

( ) 19. A. forgot B. wanted C. went D. remembered

( ) 20. A. He B. She C. It D. That

( ) 21. A. at school B. in bed C. at table D. in the kitchen

( ) 22. A. went to bed B. made the bed C. woke up D. had breakfast

( ) 23. A. get up B. have meal C. do morning exercise D. wash your face

( ) 24. A. happy B. glad C. angry D. worried

( ) 25. A. looking for B. looking after C. turning on D. waiting for



Two sisters found work as saleswomen in a company. The first month was not easy. They worked very hard but sold nothing. The younger sister gave up (放弃) in the second month. She left the company and found another job. The older sister stayed. She said she wanted to have one last try.

One year later, the older sister owned (拥有) a car and a house. But the younger sister was still poor (贫穷的). She asked her sister, “Why?”

The older sister said, “I got my first order (订单) the day you left. They liked my work. So they gave me more orders. Now life is good for me.”

So, keep working and never give up. You’ll get what you want.


( )26.The two sisters worked in the same company at first.

( )27.The two sisters didn’t work hard, so they sold nothing.

( )28.The older sister gave up in the second month.

( )29.The older sister was richer than the younger sister one year later.

( )30.If you want to get something, you should keep working and never give up.


Mary is a French girl. She is now in Beijing with her parents. Mary doesn't know much Chinese, but she is studying it. She often speaks Chinese with her Chinese friends. Sometimes 2

they can't understand her, because she can't speak Chinese very well.

It's Saturday morning. She goes out. She is walking in the street. She wants to go to the zoo to see the elephants and monkeys, but she doesn't know how to get there. She asks a Chinese boy the way. The boy can't understand her. Then she takes out a pen and a piece of paper. She draws an elephant on it, and shows the picture to the boy. The boy understands, and shows her the way to the zoo.

( ) 31. Mary is from__________.

A. China B. England C. Japan D. France

( ) 32. Mary is in__________ with her parents now.

A. England B. China C. New York D. London

( ) 33. Mary doesn't know how to get to__________.

A. the zoo B. the park C. her home D. her school

( ) 34. Mary can't speak__________ very well.

A. English B. England C. China D. Chinese

( ) 35. At last the boy__________.

A. can understand Mary’s Chinese. B. takes her to the zoo.

C. shows her the way to the zoo. D. draws a picture for Mary, too.


The Blacks are American tourists(观光者). They are visiting now in Shanghai. This is their first visit to China. They are going to stay in China for three months. They want to visit some big cities and villages. They hope to learn some Chinese, too.

Mr. Black is a taxi driver. He likes to drive in Beijing. Mrs. Black is a school teacher. She is visiting a city school today and a village school tomorrow. Their daughter is a middle school student. She is going to meet some Chinese students.

They are taking a lot of pictures in China. When they return to America, they are going to show the pictures to their friends. They want the American people to know more about China. 根据短文内容, 选择正确答案。

( ) 36. The Blacks are from________.

A. China B. England C. Canada D. the USA

( ) 37. The Blacks are staying in________ now.

A. England B. Beijing C. Shanghai D. New York

( ) 38. Mrs. Black is_______.

A. a driver B. a doctor C. a teacher D. a worker

( ) 39. There are ______ people in Mr. Black's family.

A. two B. three C. four D. five

( ) 40. Why are they going to show the pictures to their friends when they go back to America?

A. Because the pictures are very beautiful.

B. Because they like China.

C. Because they want the American people to know more about China.

D. Because they want the American people to come to China.


Our neighbor, Captain Charles Alison, will sail from Portsmouth tomorrow. We’ll meet him at the harbor early in the morning. He will be in his small boat, Topsail. Topsail is a famous little boat. It has sailed across the Atlantic many times. Captain Alison will set out at eight o’clock, so 3

we’ll have plenty of time. He will be away for two months. We are very proud of him. He will take part in an important race across the Atlantic.

( ) 41. Topsail __________.

A. will win the race across the Atlantic B. has won the race across the Atlantic

C. will be in the race across the Atlantic D. was in the race across the Atlantic

( ) 42. We’ll have plenty of time. There will be ____ time to see him.

A. enough B. almost enough C. less than enough D. hardly enough

( ) 43. Our neighbor, ______ name is Charles Alison, will sail tomorrow.

A. whose B. whose his C. his D. of whom

( ) 44. He’s our neighbor so he lives ____ us.

A. near B. a long way from C. in a different town from D. next door

( ) 45. The Atlantic is _______.

A. an ocean B. a sea C. a river D. a lake


(It’s Helen’s turn to see the doctor)

Doctor: Helen: I feel very weak. I can hardly do any work.

Doctor: Helen: A month ago.

Doctor: Do you have a headache?

Helen: No, I don’t.


Helen: Yes, I sleep very well.

Doctor: Helen: No, I don’t. And I have little food for lunch because I want to keep thin.

Doctor: Oh, I see. You need to take more food and do some exercise every

day. You will be better soon.


_______ _______ is Mr. Green staying in Hefei?

52. What do you think of the film? (变为同义句)

How ______ you ______ the film?

53. He has to study for the math test. (改为一般疑问句)

______ he _______ to study for the math test?

54. Liu Li and Liu Yang look the same. (变为同义句)

Liu Li _______ _______Liu Yang.


55. I think Lesson 10 is more interesting. (改为否定句)

I _______ think Lesson 10 _____ more interesting.


56. I’m ________ (heavy) than my sister.

57. It ___________ hard outside. We have to stay at home.(rain)

58. There are many people _________(play) in the park.

59. Can you____________ (come) to my party?

60. My brother enjoys____________ (read) books.



DearMona:_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Yours Tony._____




第Ⅱ卷 笔试部分 (100分)

一、1----5 ABCAC 6----10 BDBAD 11-15 CDACA

二、 16-20BDAAC 21--25BCACD


26 T 27 F 28 F 29 T 30 T

31 ---35 DBADC 36-40 DCCBC 41-45 CAAAA


46__E___47 ___G___ 48___A___ 49 __D____50 __C____

五、句型转换。(每空1分,共10分) is Mr. Green staying in Hefei?

52. How you the film? he to study for the math test? 55. I more interesting.


76. I’m (heavy) than my sister. hard outside. We have to stay at home.(rain)

78. It’s about twenty (minute) to get there. (come) to my party? (read) books.


____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 6

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