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Unit 6

What do you prefer to eat / drink? Why ?

fruit candies

rice hamburger meat


fried/fraid/ food

vegetables cola


ice cream


Linda’s Diet
She prefers: to drink water to eat brown bread (黑面包)and rice to eat fruit and fish

Jack’s Diet
He prefers: to drink coffee to eat white bread and rice to eat sweet desserts


A :What food would you like to eat? Why? B :I’d like to eat some food that is healthy, like fruit and vegetables. C :I’d like to eat some food that tastes good, for example, I like cola. It tastes better than water, doesn’t it? D :I’d like to eat some food that tastes sweet,

like desserts and candy.

1. What are the young people talking about? How important is keeping healthy? Main idea: 2. How many people are there in the discussion? Three.

Read the passage again and write T (for true) or F (false).
Section 1

( T ) 1. Tony doesn't like eating too much food that is fried,
like French fries. ( F ) 2. Peter minds eating burnt food. ( T ) 3. Laura is a strict vegetarian(素食主义者). ( F ) 4. Laura likes eating anything that has been cooked

Section 2

Section 3

Section 4

in oil.
( T ) 5. People who eat hamburgers and biscuits (饼干) should be less healthy than those who eat a balanced diet.

Section 5

Read through carefully, then find out Peter, Tony and Laura’s ideas about the food that they prefer. I only eat food that tastes good! Peter’s: I love to eat meat that’s well cooked.

Tony’s: I prefer not to eat too much food that is fried.

I agree it’s good to eat lots of fruit and vegetables. It’s also fine to eat some meat or fish. I prefer to only eat food that I like. I stay away from sugar. I never eat meat.

Laura’s: I love to eat food that is healthy.

Section 1

Section 2

There are many styles of English: To learn to “speak” English, read plays and novels that contain spoken language. And to learn to “write” English, read newspaper articles. Notice the difference.

Section 3

Section 4

Section 5

有许多类型的英语:学习讲英语, 要看包含有口头语言的剧本小说。要学 习写英语,就要读报纸文章。注意区别。 了解不同类型的英语,对于学习英语很 重要。

Go through the conversation and find all the language that is only used 3a when speaking. Add them to the chart below. An exclamation (表感叹的词/句子) A sound made to show you are thinking (思考) A tag question (反意疑问句) A contraction (缩略形式) Really! Never! Oh! Yes, it is! er, Well, Hm, um isn’t it? don’t you? is it? shouldn’t they?

don’t, Here’s, I’d, It’s, isn’t,that’s, I’ve,shouldn’t

3b Match the statements with each person.
1. This person spoke last.

Peter Laura

2. This person says tasty food is bad for you.
3. This person eats a balanced diet. 4. This person is a strict vegetarian. 5. This person doesn’t mind eating burnt food.


6. Thi

s person is shocked by what others eat.

Do a group survey about your members’ diets, and then fill in the chart.
A: What kind of food/ drinks/fruit do you prefer?
B: I prefer … A: What other things do you like?

B: I like … names

food drink fruit

other things

Try to “write” English
Report your results of the survey by using written English. (运用书面语汇报调查结果)
__________ prefers to eat __________. He/She prefers to drink_________. He/ She likes __________ and __________. … Whose diet is the healthiest? I think __________________. Because ___________________________________________.

Please look after your health for yourself, for your family, for the people who love you.

Write a passage How to eat healthily to keep healthy ?

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