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Where there is a will, there is a way.

Unit13 Reading

Receiving money makes me uncomfortable.


主备人:张先容 备课组:九年级英语组 使用时间:2013年12月19日 学生姓名:____________ 班级:________________ Learning aims

1. Knowledge aim:

Worlds about feelings: uncomfortable, disappointed, excited,surprised, embarrassed, happy, scared

2. Ability aims:

Fast-reading to get a general idea of the text.

Careful-reading to get the detailed information in the text.



1、Write down as many as adj. that express feelings. 写出你所学过的表示感觉的形容词。 _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

2、If you are the following characters, what is your feeling?

(1)If my best friend gave me a history book, I would feel___________.

(2)If my grandmother gave me some home-made cookies, I would feel_______________.

(3)Receiving a new schoolbag would make me feel_____________.


Please find out the phrases and sentences from the passage and write them down. 从文章中找出下列词组和句子的英语,并在写在导学案上。

1. 给予的艺术

2. 使我觉得尴尬

3. 坦白地说

4. 感到内疚


6. 宁愿

7. 格言

8. 更喜欢做某事



Fill in the blanks according to the passage. 根据文章填写下列短文。

Many books are about “the art of giving”. Do you know the art of ________? Sometimes, receiving a gift is ______.

Guo Xiaojing’s parents bought him a purple _______ when he was 12. He thought the purse was _______. But he _______ he liked it in order to ______ his parents happy.

Where there is a will, there is a way.

Han Ling has the similar experience. A few years ago, his grandparents _______him an orange sweater as his birthday gift. He used to wear it ______ _____ he visited them, but he took it off when he left their house.

In some ________, it makes people uncomfortable _____ _________ money. If you give money to others, they may think you are crazy. In England, people think it is the thought that ______.

Different people have different thoughts on this _________. So maybe the art of receiving is _____ more difficult than the art of ________!


Activity 1 Fast reading

Read the passage quickly and match the paragraph with the correct main idea.

Activity 2 Careful reading

Read paragraphs 1 and 5, answer the questions. 1. Why can receiving a gift be difficult?

_______________________________________________________________________________ 2. Is the art of receiving more difficult than the art of giving?

_______________________________________________________________________________ 3. Which subject do people have different thoughts?


Different ideas of receiving money between Chinese and westerners:

Where there is a will, there is a way.

In China, giving money__________________________________________________________. In western countries, Giving and receiving money____________________________________ It’s ___________ that _______________.


My experience:

I have a similar experience with Guo Xiaojing. Now let me tell you. On my 26th birthday, my mother bought me a warm coat, which was out of style. At the first sight, I thought it was so ugly. But I didn’t want to make my mother feel unhappy, so I pretended that I liked it very much. Although I felt guilty, I only wore it when my mother came to visit me or when I visited her. Different people have different tastes. So you’d better not buy something personal for others.


_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Write a composition about your experience of receiving or giving gifts.

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