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基础训练一 2013/7/3


1.respect --____________ adj. 尊重人的,表示敬意的-- _____________ n.尊敬、尊重

2.adj.有乐趣的,令人愉快的______________ -- vt.享受,喜欢_______________

3.n & vt. 经历,体验 ______________ ---adj. 有经验的 __________________

4.adj. 具有挑战性的 _______________ --- n. & vt. 挑战___________________

5.vt. & vi. 赞成;批准;通过________________ ---n. 赞成,认可_____________

6.vt.捐赠,捐献,赠予_________________ ---n.捐赠物_______________

7.n.文学_________________ --- adj. 文学的_____________________

8.n.鼓励 _____________ --- vt. 鼓励__________ --- n. 勇气________---vt.阻止____________

9.vt. 通知,告知_______________ ---n. 消息,信息______________ ---vt.形成___________

10.adj.独立的__________ ---n.独立____________ ---adj.可依靠的__________ ---vi.依靠_______


1.免费________________ 2.对……感到满意__________________

3.比平常_____________ 4.取得高分____________

5.赢得尊重________________________ 6.听起来像___________

7.喜欢________________ 8.体验不同的生活方式______________

9.满意地回顾_________ 10.首先_______________

11.一结束学业_____________________ 12.把……捐赠给______

13.遗憾地通知你_______ 14.掌管,负责_____________________

15.告知某人某事______ 16.利用_______________

17.被要求做某事___________________ 18.评定某人不及格____


1.After reading his brief ____________(结束) from the __________(文章), we know his work is quite _______________(挑战性的) and respectable.

2.The latter one is immediately_____________(立即被批准通过), we are all ___________ (please).

3.It is _________(nature) that they are ___________(selection) according to their __________(成绩).

4.Their__________(捐赠物) are being ___________(展览).

5.The_________ (王朝) continued for _______________(数代).

6.Sometimes _____________(文学) is a kind of religious and cultural broadcast.


1.我认为保护环境的最佳方法是多种树。(the best way to do)

2.周末去公园野餐听起来是个不错的主意。(sound like)

3.善于利用时间的学生通常会取得好成绩。(make use of)



My teenage son Karl became withdraw after his father died. As a single parent, I tried to do my best to talk to him. But the more I tried, the more he pulled away. When his report card arrived during his junior year, it said that he had been absent 95 times from classes and had six falling grades for the year. At this rate he would never graduate. I sent him to the school adviser, and I even begged him. Nothing worked.

One night I felt so powerless that I got down on my knees and pleaded for help. “Please God, I can’t do anything more for my son. I’m at the end of my rope. I’m giving the whole thing up to you.”

I was at work when I got a phone call. A man introduced himself as the headmaster. “I want to talk to you about Karl’s absences.” Before he could say another word, I choked up and all my disappointment and sadness over Karl came pouring out into the ears of this stranger. “I love my son but I just don’t know what to do. I’ve tried everything to get Karl to go back to school and nothing has worked. It’s out of my hands.” For a moment there was silence on the other end of the line. The headmaster seriously said, “thank you for your time”, and hung up.

Karl’s next report card showed a marked improvement in his grades. Finally, he even made the honor roll. In his fourth year, I attended a parent-teacher meeting with Karl. I noticed that his teachers were astonished at the way he had turned himself around. On our way home, he said, “Mum, remember that call from the headmaster last year?” I nodded. “That was I. I thought I’d play a joke but when I heard what you said, it really hit me how much I was hurting you. That’s when I knew I had to make you proud.”

61. by saying “Karl became withdrawn”, the author means that the boy changed entirely and _____.

A. preferred to stay alone at home

C. refused to talk to others B. often escaped school D. began to dislike his mother

62. There was silence on the other end of the line because _____.

A. the speaker was too moved to say anything to the mother

B. the speaker waited for the mother to finish speaking

C. the speaker didn’t want the mother to recognize his voice

D. the speaker was unable to interrupt the mother

63. What is the main idea of this passage?

A. Children in single-parent families often have mental problems.

B. Mother’s love plays an important role in teenagers’ life.

C. Being understood by parents is very important to teenagers.

D. School education doesn’t work without full support from parents.


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