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【新东方超经典名师】Lesson 61 Trouble with the Hubble

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Lesson 61
Trouble with the Hubble

New words and expressions
Hubble ['h?bl] n 哈勃 telescope ['telisk?up] n 望 远镜 launch [l?:nt?] v 发射 space [speis] n 空间 billion ['bilj?n] n 10亿 faulty ['f?:lti] adj 有错误 的 astronaut [‘?str?n?:t] n 宇航员
shuttle [‘??tl] n 航天飞机 Endeavour [in'dev?] n “奋进 ”号

robot-arm ['r?ub?t-ɑ:m] n 机器手 grab [ɡr?b] v 抓 atmosphere ['?tm?,sfi?] n 大气层 distant ['dist?nt] adj 遥远 的 galaxy ['ɡ?l?ksi] n 星系 universe ['ju:niv?:s] n 宇宙 eagle eye ['i:ɡl] [ai] n 鹰眼

? ? ? ? ? ? Tele 远距离的 Telephone Television Telecommunication 电信 -scope 表范围, 引申为“观测仪器” ? microscope 显微镜

? 发射 ? Spacecraft Shenzhou ⅶ was successfully launched.

outer space外太空

space ship宇宙飞船
space travel太空旅行

room 空间, 不可数 (a room 为房间,可数)

? National Aeronautics and Space Administration

? There are billions of stars in the sky

? She grabbed the chance to go abroad ? She tried so hard to grab that book on the desk.

eagle eye

was launched into space
? launch a rocket/a satellite发射火箭 或卫星 ? launch an attack发起进攻 ? launch a movement发起一个运动

at a cost of
? 造价为… ,耗资

He bought a new house at a cost of 10,000 pounds.
? He bought a ring at a cost of $2,000.

there was trouble with the Hubble
? there be trouble with sth.某事有问 题 ? There's something trouble with you. ? The biggest trouble with life is that there are so many beautiful girls and so little time.

it will soon be sending us the clearest pictures of the stars and distant galaxies that we have ever seen ? 定语从句that we have ever seen修 饰pictures ? 形容词最高级后面的定语从句常 用完成时,用以强调最高级

by the time you read this
? by the time等到...为止,常与完成时连 用,强调当时的结果 ? By the time you wake up, the dinner will have been fixed. ? 等到你醒时,晚饭就好了 ? 本句连接将来时间,故要用将来完成 时

thousands and thousands of
? 成千上万的,注意要用复数

? ? ? ? 一般将来时 将来完成时 将来进行时 将来完成进行时

? I will study abroad. ? 我要去国外学习 ? 自身

? By the end of next year I will have been here for 2 years. ? 现在怎样与将来 怎样的关系

? This time next year I will be studying in Harvard University ? 强调过程

? By the end of next year I will have been studying here for 3 years. ? 持续到将来的动作 ? 强调

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