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初一月考试卷Microsoft Word 文档 (4)

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一、 听句子,选出所含单词或词组。( 5分)

( ) 1. A. mooncakes B. rice dumplings C. turkey

( ) 2. A. Chinese New Year B. Halloween C. National Day

( ) 3. A. Sept.10th B. Jan.1st C. Dec.25th

( ) 4. A. about five minutes B. in five minutes C. about five o’clock

( ) 5. A.favourite B. festival C. famous

二、听句子或问题,选择相应的应答语( 5分)

( ) 6. A. It’s May 4 B. It’s Monday C. It’s seven o’clock

( ) 7. A. about five minutes B. in five minutes C. about five o’clock

( ) 8. A. No, thanks. B. Good idea C. Yes, please

( ) 9. A. Yes, she does B. Yes, she is C. Yes, she can

( ) 10.A. Sorry, I needn’t B. Me, too C. Yes, you will.

三、听对话判断句子正误,正确的写“T”, 错误的写“F”( 10分 )

( ) 11. It is Grandpa’s birthday.

( ) 12. Mary’s parents buy a cake for her Grandpa.

( ) 13. Mary buys a present for Grandpa, too.

( ) 14. Mary gives Grandpa an old watch.

( ) 15. The cake is on the table.


一、 单项选择 (10分)

( ) 1. ---What would you like to have?

----An __________.

A. water B. apple C. juice D. milk

( ) 2. There are two _________on the table.

A. glass of milk B. glasses of milk C. glasses of milks D. glass of milks

( ) 3. ----_________do you like this film? ----- Because it is interesting.

A. How B. Why C. What D. Which

( ) 4.We always have a party ______the evening _______October 31.

A. in, of B. on, of C. in, in D. on, on

( ) 5. ----How often do you eat meat? ----- _____________.

A. Three days B. Never C. Today D. In the morning

( ) 6.There isn’t _______ bread here. Would you like to buy _______for me?

A. some, some B. any, some C. any, any D. some, any

( ) 7. Four cups of tea _______ on the table.


A. am B. is C. are D. was

( ) 8. ---_______does your father go to work? --- By bike.

A. When B. What C. Where D. How

( ) 9. There are some _________ in the box.

A. radioes B. photoes C. potatoes D. tomatos

( ) 10. ----Do you _______ football matches on TV? ----No, I don’t.

A. see B. look C. watch D. look at

二、词汇( 15 分)

A) 根据句意和汉语提示写出单词完成句子(5分)

1. Christmas is the most ___________( 重要的) festival in the West.

2. Would you please _________( 敲 ) on the door.

3. Fruit and vegetables are good for our __________( 健康 ).

4. We should brush our __________( 牙齿) every morning.

5. Do you like eating _________ ( 牛肉 )?

B) 用括号内所给词的适当形式填空 ( 10 分)

6. Would you like _________( go ) with me? Yes, I’d love to.

7. Tom wants __________( be ) a doctor when he grows up.

8. Which is _________( she ) favourite festival?

9. I plan __________( eat ) more vegetables.

10. Thank you for ______________( buy ) me the present.

11. There are many ___________( sheep ) on the hill.

12. Do you need _________( change ) your lifestyle?

13. There is a ___________( swim ) pool near my home.

14. It’s late. Let him __________( go ) home now.

15. Kitty always _________( watch ) TV for three hours a day.

三、句型转换 (10 分每空0.5分)

1. She often takes a bus to school. ( 改为同义句 )

She often ______ to school ________ _________.

2. 对划线部分提问 )

_________ __________ __________ Kitty dance every day?

3. 对划线部分提问 )

________ ________ __________ are there in the box?

4. Amy has some beautiful cards. ( 改为一般疑问句 )

_________ Amy ________ __________ beautiful cards?

5. 对划线部分提问 )

________ _________ is your sister?


6. There is a child in the room. ( 改为复数句子 )

There _______ some _______ in the room.

7. I do my homework every day. ( 改为否定句 )

I _________ __________ my homework every day.

8. National Day is my favourite festival. ( 改为同义句 )

I ________ National Day ____________.

四、根据汉语完成句子 ( 10 分 )

1. 我们需要蔬菜和水果来保持健康。

We need vegetables and fruit to __________ __________.

2. 请不要捉弄他们。

P lease don’t ________ tricks _________ them.

3. 我从来不吃零食,因为它们含有太多糖分。

I never eat snacks because they have _________ __________ sugar.

4. 我每周二去游泳。 I _________ ________ every Tuesday.

5. Daniel 很少锻炼。 Daniel __________ ___________.

五、完形填空 ( 10 分 )

Hello. I'm Tom. I'm a middle school student. It's nice to meet you here. First, let me tell about my family. There are five people in my . They are my mother, my father, my sister, my brother and me . My father is a worker. My mother is an English teacher. My sister is eighteen and my brother is sixteen. I'm is at West Street. There is a big ( ) 1 A anything B something C thing D anyone

( ) 2 A school B house C room D family

( ) 3 A two B five C thee D six

( ) 4 A seeing B looking at C watching D looking

( ) 5 A bedsore B school C room D home

( ) 6 A trees B rivers C houses D schools

( ) 7 A but B and C so D or

( ) 8 A isn't B is C are D aren't

( ) 9 A He's B Here's C it's D There's

( ) 10 A are liking B likes C like D is liking

六、阅读理解 ( 15分A每个1分B每个2分)


( A )


Hello! My name is Becky Sharp. I’m 11 years old. I have one brother. His name’s Jason and he’s 14. I don’t have any sisters. We live with our mum, dad and grandma in a small house in Chesterfield, in the north of England. There are lots of things to do here. My friends and I sometimes go to the cinema on Saturdays. Do you like sport? I like football. My favorite team is Manchester United. I sometimes play football with my brother. I am good at it but my brother isn’t. I have lots of pets-one tortoise (乌龟) and six goldfish (金鱼). I want a dog or cat, but my mother doesn’t like them.

( ) 1. There are ________ people in Becky’s family.

A. three B. four C. five D. six

( ) 2. Becky and her family live in________.

A. a big room B. a cinema

C. the west of England D. a small house

( ) 3. Does Becky play football well?________

A. Yes, she does. B. No, she doesn’t.

C. She is not very good. D. We don’t know.

( ) 4. Becky’s mother doesn’t like________.

A. tortoises or goldfish B. tortoises or dogs

C. dogs or cats D. goldfish or cats

( ) 5. What does pet mean (表示是??意思) in Chinese?

A. 朋友。 B. 宠物。 C. 玩具。 D. 同伴。

( B )

Next Saturday is my birthday. I am going to hold a birthday party at home in the evening. It will start at 7:30. Would you like to come? I have also asked some other classmates and friends.

I live at 70 Zhongshan Road. You can take Bus No.3, and get off at the stop of Renmin Road. My house is just on the other side of the road. It is a red house with a white door. You can’t miss it.

I hope you will come.

( ) 6. What is the passage most likely?

A. A letter of thanks B. A letter of invitation (邀请) C. A funny thanks D. A joke ( 笑话 )

( ) 7. Whom ( 谁 )does he write to?

A. His brother B. His cousin C. His classmate D. His uncle

( ) 8.What time does the party start?

A. At 7:30 this Saturday B. At 7:30 next Sunday C. Next Saturday D. This Saturday

( ) 9. He tells the way to his house because __________________.

A. his classmate forgets (忘记) the way B. his classmate doesn’t know him

C. his classmate doesn’t know the way D. his classmate doesn’t know where the house is

( ) 10. How will his classmates go to the party?

A. By bus B. On foot C. By bike D. By plane


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