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院 系: 外 国 语 学 院 专 业: 英语(专升本) 班 级: 学生姓名: 杨慧方 学 号: 12082010226 指导教师: 李艳叶

Unit9:Have you ever been to an amusement park Section A

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. I am very glad to have this chance to share my lesson with you. And welcome to my class! Today I will talk about unit9: Have you ever been to an amusement park


There are 8 parts in my outline, they are: background information, teaching objectives, teaching contents, teaching aids, teaching procedures, summary, homework and blackboard design. And then I will talk them one by one.

Background information

a. Students

-age: 14 years old

-level: they are in grade 8, have basic skill of English, and can speak simple English.

-features:they are active in my class, curious about new things, and have excellent memory.

b. teaching material

Go for it! The book lays special emphasis on students, which aims to teach them to study positively and actively. And there are many pictures and dialogues in this book. So it is useful to

attract their attention and can improve their ability of using language.

c. teaching methods

students all like various kinds of teaching methods, so I will use CLT,PPP and TBLT to attract their attention.

d. lesson duration:45 mins

Teaching objectives

a. knowledge objectives:

new words: amusement part, space museum, aquarium, zoo,

water park

new structures:---have you ever been to an amusement park?

---Yes, I have./No I have not.

b. ability objectives:

at the end of my class, my students should

-improve their speaking and writing and listening skills.

- develop their abilities of communicating and cooperating with others.

-can talk about past experience, and learn to use Present Perfect Tense.

c. emotional objectives:

Can express themselves freely, to be able to ask for help when having difficulty in learning and be interested in talking in all

kinds of activities in English class.

Teaching contents

new words: amusement part, space museum, aquarium, zoo,

water park

new structures:---have you ever been to an amusement park?

---Yes, I have./No I have not.

difficult points:

It may difficult for them to distinguish the difference between the Present Perfect Tense and the Past Tense. And it may difficult for them to use the Present Perfect Tense flexible. Teaching aids

Students are interested in colorful class, so I will use blackboard, chalks, pictures and PPT to attract their attention.

Teaching procedures

In this part, there are 4 steps:

step1: lead-in

step2: presentation

step3: practice


And then I will talk about them step by step.

Step 1:Lead-in

Play a song “If you are happy, please clap your hands”.

And after the song, I will ask my students the name of the song, and are you happy. If you are happy, what will you do? And ask some students ideas. If you are happy, do you want to have a trip? Which place do you like to visit? Have you ever been to America? By doing this I will lead in my topic: Unit9:Have you ever been to an amusement park

step 2: presentation

First I will make use of PPT again to present some pictures about our new words, and then we will learn our new

words--- amusement part, space museum, aquarium, zoo, water park

Then I use the some pictures about famous places, then our new structures---have you ever been to an amusement park?---Yes, I have./No I have not.

At last, I will show the comparative form on PPT.


After learning the new words and new structures, we would better have a practice. So lets begin our practice.

a. Word practice:

Look at pictures and practice the new words.

Listen to the tape, and circle the place they hear at the map. b. Structure practice:

Pair work: look at pictures on ppt, let my students to make a simple dialogue with their partner about where have you been, where you want to go, and how are you going to get there. And the ask some pair of students to share with us.

Step 4: Production

So much for this step, now we will turn to the last step of teaching procedures---production. In this step, I organized a group work for my students:

Group work: I will divide my class into some parts, and one of them as a reporter, make an interview among their groups. And then the reporters should report their results to us.


I do think it is necessary for students to do homework to grasp and maintain our new knowledge. So I will make two homework for my students:

1. make a dialogue about your experience with their partners and act them out, next class I will check it out.

2. review the new points of our class and preview what we will learn next class.


And that is all for teaching procedures. Now is summary time. In this part I will give my students a chance to sum up what we have learned in our class. And then I will pick up one or two of them to share their opinions with all of us.

Blackboard design

I divide the whole blackboard into two parts, the left part for our new words, and the right part for our new structures.

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