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( )1.-What’s your telephone number? -_____ 278-106.

A. I’m A. Your A. my last B. It B. My C. It’s C. His D. Is it D. Her ( )2-The girl is ten years old(岁). name is Cindy. ( )3.I’m Nick Black. Nick is name. B. my first C. his first D. his family

( )4.The girl’s name is Maria White, so her _____ name’s Maria.

A. last B. family C. first D. mother

( )5.Is that __________ pencil case?A.he B.him C.his D.he’s

( )6.-Is this an orange?-Yes, ___________.

A.it’s B.its not C.it is D.is it

( )7.Tom and Jim __________ in Class 3.

A.is B.be C.am D.are

( )8.-What’s your telephone number?-___________ 555-778.

A.This B.That C.It D.It’s

( )9.-__________. What’s this in English?-__________, I don’t know.

A.Excuse me; Sorry, B.Excuse me; Excuse me C.Sorry; SorryD.Sorry; Excuse me

( )10. There ___ any rice in the bowl.

A. are B. is C. isn’t D. aren’t

( )11.There___ not ____ milk in the cup on the table .

A. are, many B. are , much C. is ,many D. is ,much

( )12.There ___ many apples on the tree last year.

A. have been B. were C. are D. is

( )13.How many ___ are there in the room ?

A. apple B. students C. milk D. paper

( ) 14. Who’s running over there ? — ________ is Sandy’s sister.

A. That B. It C. She D. This

( ).15.That bike is _________? A.he B. him C. his D. it


1._________(I) name is Lisa Barnes. 2.Jenny is a girl. _____________(she) family name is Green

3.What’s ____________(you) name, please? 4.He is a boy and she is a __________(boy的对应词).

5.Nice __________(meet) you ,too. 6.That is _____________(Jim) watch.

7.My friends __________(be) Gina and Sonia. . 8. I___________(be) an English schoolgirl.

9.______________(he) pencil is in the pencil case. 10.________(我) am a teacher.

11.My father is talking with _______(我). 12._______(他) often plays basketball after school.

13._______(他的) teacher is good. 14._______(我们) buy a pair of shoes for _______(他).

15.Please pass_____(我们) the ball. 16._______(他们) are listening to the radio.

17.This is _______(我的) book. That is__________(他的 18._______(他的) chair is blue. _____________( 我们的) is yellow.

19._______(我们的) classroom is big.__________( 你们的) is small. 20._______(他) often plays basketball after school.


What this? a backpack. It‘s my computer. Is that a computer, too? . It’s a TV set. It’s TV set. I it TV set.

( )1.A.is B.are C.am D.be

( )2.A.He’s B.She’s C.It’s D.Is

( )3.A.ruler B.ring C.backpack D.book

( )4.A.TV set B.computer C.case D.pencil

( )5.A.hers

( )6.A.Yes, it is

( )7.A.I

( )8.A.look

( )9.A.on

( )10.A.my B.well


A B.she C.her B.Yes, it isn’t C.No, it is B.my C.her B.see C.watch B.in C.at C.her D.good D.I D.No, it isn’t D.his D.listen D.to

My name is Tina. I’m in Class 4, Grade 2. I’m in Row 2. Kate is my friend. She is in my class, too. She is in Row 1. My father has a beautiful car. The number is B-047968. Her father has a beautiful car, too. The number is E-0-double 4-double 9-5. Her father often drives her to my home. We are good friends. We are both fifteen.


( )1.Are Tina and Kate both students?

A.No, they aren’t. B.No, they are.

C.Yes, they aren’t. D.Yes, they are.

( )2.What row is Tina in?

A.She is in Row Four. B.She is in Row Two.

C.She is in Row One. D.She is in Row Three.

( )3.What’s the number of Kate’s father’s car?

A.It’s B-047968 B.It’s E-032143.

C.It’s B-032146. D.It’s E-044995.

( )4.How old is Tina?

A.She is fifteen. B.She is thirteen.

C.She is fourteen. D.She is twelve.

( )5.What’s the number of Tina’s car? It’s __________.

A.B, zero, three, two, one, four, three

B.E, zero, six, four, two, eight, four

C.B, zero, four, seven, nine, six, eight

D.E, zero, seven, seven, nine, nine, five

B. .(用所给词的正确形式填空)5分

Watch go get eat live work

My aunt is a nurse. She likes music very much. She ______ in a big hospital. Every day she ______ up at 6:30. She ______ breakfast at 7:00. After breakfast she ______ to work by bus. She usually goes home at 5:30. After dinner, she often ______ TV 。 At 10:30, she goes to bed..


1.Is this your computer?(改为肯定陈述句) _________ _________ your computer.

2.You, do, game, how, spell?(连词成句) _________ _________ you _________ game?

3.He can spell baseball.(改为否定句) He _________ _________ baseball.

4.Is this a blue ruler?(否定回答) _________, _________ _________.

5. _________ _________ your friends?

3.My brother works in a radio factory(变疑问句

4.You have a red pencil.(变疑问句)

5.She has lunch at home.(变否定)

6.We have a meeting once a week.(变疑问句)

7.This is your sister.变复数

8.That is my brother. 变复数

9.He is my son. 变复数

10.They aren`t my grandparents.变单数

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