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1. A speech has changed my life 或 At the moment, I felt…(那一刻,我感到。。。)

或A special memory for me 或 The most unforgettable experience in my life

I still remembered my first time making a speech in public. It has changed my life. .When I was at a primary school, my teacher asked me to give a speech in front of the whole school. When I heard the news, I was a little nervous. I made up my mind to try my best. I prepared very hard for the speech. To my great joy, my speech was so successful that the teachers and students all praised me a lot. At that moment, I felt very excited. Since then, I have become very confident.

This was a special memory for me. From the experience,I realize as long as we do our best, we can do whatever we want。

2. My favourite gift

People often give gifts to show their love and friendship. Among all the gifts I have got, the most special one is a hand-made calendar. It was made by my best fried Jane. On each page of the calendar, there is a picture of Jane and me with some words. Whenever I look at the calendar, I am deeply moved and my heart is filled with love. It is a memory of the wonderful time which I spent with my best friend. I will keep this special gift forever.

3. Reading Is a good habit 或 ….is fun 。。。是一种乐趣

或 I gain …from my hobby我从我的爱好中获得了

I usually do some reading for fun in my spare time. There is an English saying “Knowledge is power.” So I think it’s very important for us to get into the habit of reading books.

I like reading very much. When I finish my homework, I will do some reading. I like reading different kinds of books. By reading different kinds of books, we can improve our knowledge. Reading books can also make me get rid of tiredness. Reading books brings me a lot of happiness. Reading books has become an important part in my daily life.

4. Why I like to read newspapers

Newspapers are very useful to us.

We can get all kinds of news from the newspapers. This helps us to understand the developing world, without stepping out of my house.

Newspapers not only carry news, but also teach us many useful things, such as cooking, playing chess, how to take good photos, and enrich us with common sense.

Reading newspapers can widen our scope of knowledge. It helps us improve our writing.

Reading newspapers has become an important part in my daily life.

5. Having sports is a good habit

There is an English saying “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. So I think it’s very important for us to get into the habit of having sports. I like 1

sports very much. When I finish my homework, I will play badminton with my father or I will go cycling in a park near my home. I think it’s a good chance for me to get nearer to the nature and relax myself. Having sports makes me relaxed and stay healthy. Having sports makes me full of energy as well. Having sports has become an important part in my daily life. If you want to live a better life, why not take an active part in different kinds of sports?

6. Sharing brings…(分享带来。。。)

I like to share things with others. I like to share my secrets, my happiness, my sadness and my experience in study.

When I share my secrets with others, they will trust me more, and we can develop our friendship.

When I share my happiness with people around me, the happiness will spread out, and it will make me much happier.

When I share my sadness with my friends, they will help me and encourage me, and I will forget the unhappy things.

When I share my experience in study with my classmates, we will improve our study, and we will be very happy.

Sharing brings me a lot of happiness and friendship as well. Learn to share with others, the world will be full of love and joy. Don’t you think so?

7. How to get on well with parents

As children are growing, the generation gaps are widening. It really makes parents upset. As we all know parents are the closest to us in the world. We should love them, respect them and understand them.

If you want to go out to play with friends, you’d better tell them where to go and when to come back. In this way, parents will not worry about you. When you do something wrong, you should tell them the truth. Never tell lies to them. If you have some good news, just share it with your parents.

Parents are always waiting there for you. Try to make friends with them .You can share everything with them. You will be proud of each other. And you will find life will be more enjoyable if you get on well with your parents.

8. How to get on well with classmates

As we all know, the whole class seems like a big family. So it’s very important to get on well with our classmates. First, we should treat them faithfully instead of telling lies to them. Talking about studies and play games together are good ways for us to develop friendships. In addition, I share both happiness and sadness with my classmates so that they can feel that l really trust them. If we have different ideas on doing things, we will have a talk to understand each other better. I think it’s very important to help each other and care for each other. It’s unnecessary to argue with our classmates. It is the worst method of dealing with problems.

Nothing is more important than a real friendship. Don’t you think so?

9. How to keep a friendship

Friendship is a very special relationship. It combines people together, but it 2

is very easy to break.

To keep a friendship is not so easy. If you have a good friend who doesn’t live near you, you should keep in touch with him often, by sending emails or letters. Thus your friendship won’t be easily broken and you will be better friends than you were before. You must strive to keep your friendship because a life without friendship is like a life without oxygen; you cannot survive without friendship. If your friendship cannot keep, that means you are lazy or dishonest; you will never be trusted again. So friendship plays an important part in one’s life. We must work hard to keep friendship. When we are old, we will think of these friendship and smile.

You should do what you could do to keep your friends and it will give you more than what you have expected.

10.呼吁创建和谐校园Build a Harmonious School

Our government calls for everyone to try their best to build a “harmonious society”. As a student, I think it’s our duty to work hard to build a “harmonious school”. What should we do to achieve this goal?

First of all, we should try our best to protect the school environment. We should pick up the litter on the road and throw it into the dustbin. We mustn’t pick flowers or step on the grass. On the contrary, we should plant more trees and flowers to make our school more beautiful.

Second, we should fill the world with love. We should show respect to our teachers. And also care for each other and help those in need. The most important point is all of us must be honest in our daily lives.

Finally, we should obey the school rules and take an active part in school activities.

Let’s start right now to build a harmonious school.

11. 保护地球Protecting the earth 或Be kind to…(善待…)

The Earth is our only home. So I think we should be kind to the earth.

There is no doubt that global warming has become one of the biggest problems we have for now. So it’s very important for us to protect our environment.

As middle school students, what can we do? First of all, try to take bicycles and public transportation to school instead of cars because it will make less CO2. It can not only be good for our health, but also make it possible for us to get closer to nature. Then, it’s necessary to pick up trash and put them into the dustbin. Planting more trees can also help a lot. However, we should never forget to turn off the lights when we leave the classroom. Besides, why not reuse water and paper to live a low-carbon life?

I think it’s everyone’s duty to be kind to our Earth. And even the simplest activities can make a real difference to the environment. So don’t put it off! If everyone helps to protect the earth, I believe we will make our world more and more beautiful.

12. 一篇介绍电子产品优点和缺点的文章

E-dictionaries are widely used because of their convenience. They also 3

cause a lot of problems at the same time.

First, we find that some explanations of words in the e-dictionaries are too simple and that there are even some mistakes. Second, the frequent use of e-dictionaries makes us lazy. Third, as technology develops, many e-dictionaries provide us with games. Some of my classmates cannot stop playing them even when it’s time to do homework.

In my opinion, when we buy an e-dictionary, we should choose a high quality one without too many functions. When we use them, we should try to use them properly.

13.一篇阐述海外游学利与弊的文章the advantages and disadvantages of studying abroad.

Studying abroad does have its advantages. First, studying abroad can widen our scope of knowledge. Second, studying abroad can help cultivate our ability to live independently. Third, it provides a good chance to learn a foreign language.

It also has some disadvantages. We might feel lonely and we have to solve all our problems independently, especially when we fall ill. The tuition is so high that only few families can afford it.

Over all, the advantages of studying abroad greatly outweigh the disadvantages. We should encourage students to study abroad.

14.一篇呼吁互相帮助的文章Helping Each Other Makes the World Wonderful

A。As we all know, helping others helps ourselves, because nobody can live a happy life without having other people’s help.

As students, when we help our classmates with their studies, we can develop our friendship. Also, when we offer our help to the old, we can get a better understanding of happiness.

We all know that it is doctors’ duty to help patients to overcome illness. When the patients become healthier, they, along with the doctors, will become happy. How wonderful it is!

As the saying goes, it’s better to give than to receive. In my opinion, helping each other is good for people and society. So, let’s help each other to make the world wonderful.

B。 Helping others(帮助他人)

I like helping others when they are in trouble. It can bring me happiness. Once my classmate had trouble with a maths problem, I taught her patiently. At last she worked it out with my help. And since then, we have become good friends. Try to give others a hand whenever you can. Then you will find that your life is full of happiness.

C. Helping each other makes the world wonderful

In our life we often help others and also get help from others. When we help our classmates with their study and other things, we can develop our friendship. If we give a hand to old people, we can understand the meaning of 4

pleasure. As we know, patients need help most. When we help them, happiness comes to us. Helping others is especially important in our life. I think we can get much when we help the people around us. As the saying goes, “Giving is much better than receiving.”


A. I want to say… to my…(我想对。。。说。。。)

I want to say ‘Thank you’ to my teachers

Time flies so fast and never comes back. Soon I will graduate from my school, so I want to say ‘Thank you’ to my teachers. Thank you for helping me when I was in trouble. Thank you for teaching me patiently when I met difficulties. Nothing can express my love to you. I’ll do what you have taught me. At last, I wish you happiness and health forever!

B.Dear Miss Wang,

I am glad to write to you at this moment, words can no longer express my feelings.

How kind and responsible can a teacher be? You just gave me the perfect answer. I can clearly remember how much I hated learning new English words at first. To be honest, I really wanted to give up. As soon as you noticed this, you offered to help me by telling me some shortcuts to learn them. You never failed to encourage me even when I made only a little progress. Little by little, my interest in English grew and now I am a top student in English.

I want to say thanks to you. I will work harder in the future to live up to your expectations. I hope you can be happy and healthy forever.

C. Let’s cheer for our teacher

School is like our second home and we spend most of our time at school with our teachers and classmates. So I want to cheer for my teacher, She always tries her best to teach us and does her job as carefully as possible. She makes her lessons lively to let us learn more. When we have some problems, she will help us solve them patiently. If she finds someone has fallen behind in class, she will encourage him to study harder. I can learn a lot from her, such as her kindness, hard work and so on. I think she is both my teacher and my friend. Let’s cheer for our teacher and be thankful to her.

16. 一篇介绍低碳生活的文章

It has been a more and more popular trend to live a low-carbon life. I am definitely part of it.

Instead of taking a car, I always ride a bike to school. Besides, using a fan in summer is a better choice for me than using the air conditioner. Also, I’ve never forgotten to turn off the lights when I leave. I feel proud of myself for what I’ve done.

I’ve made up my mind to do more in the future, like reusing my textbooks as long as possible. I strongly believe that if everyone makes an effort to save energy, it will make a real difference to our environment.


17.如何介绍一座城市Shanghai is calling

Now that the World Expo is being held in Shanghai, why not spread your wings to visit Shanghai?

Shanghai is a beautiful city with good environment. Wide tree-lined streets can be seen here and there. People enjoy living in a modern housing estate with large open areas.

Shanghai is modern city with convenient public transport. People can travel around the city by bus, by light rail or by underground. 13 underground lines have been built and that can take us to every corner of the city.

Shanghai is an attractive city with many tourist destinations. If you visit the Bund, you will have a nice view of both Pudong and Puxi. And you will enjoy local snacks in Yu Garden.

East, west, Shanghai is the best!

18.I’m proud of myself(我为自己骄傲)、 At that moment, I felt…(那一刻,我感到。。。)

The reel of life has rolled fast through the past fifteen years. By looking backwards, I’m proud of myself because I’ve grown it into a strong-minded person. It was the first time for me to climb a high mountain alone. At first, I felt my body was filled with energy. As time went by, tiredness made my step slow down. For many times, the idea of giving up the journey appeared in my mind. But the saying ‘ Where there is a will, there is a way” enabled me to move on. Though the power of one step seemed so weak, I insisted on climbing to the top. When I succeeded in standing on the top of the mountain, I felt very excited. I felt I had reached a new height in my life. How proud I am of being a strong-minded person.

19. The importance of family(家庭的重要性)

或 The most important…in my life (我生活中最重要的…)

Family plays an important role in my life. My parents often help me when I need some help. For example, when I do badly in exams, my parents always help me to find out my faults and encourage me to do better next time. When I am in trouble, they encourage me and stay by my side all the time. They ask me never to give up. Their help and advice are very important. I am making progress with the help of my parents. I feel happy and thankful when I get love from them. We are enjoying life happily together. In a word, I think family is the most important to me in my life.

20、My ideal school life

In my eyes, school is not only a place where students gather together to study, but also a place where we spend our life. I think my school life is enjoyable and interesting. We can get a lot of knowledge as well as take part in many activities.

However, I hope to have a better school life. I hope our school will open the library more often so that we can go there to do more reading. I hope we will have a swimming pool in our school. Then we can learn how to swim in P.E. lessons.


This is my ideal school life. I wish every student can live happily in our school.

21、My opinions on volunteering

We are middle school students and we are busy with our lessons, so some people think we should spend most time on our studies. If we volunteer to help others, it’s a waste of time. But I think volunteering is great. From volunteering I can learn many things that I cannot learn in class. So if I have an opportunity. I’d like to visit old people’s home to clean up for them. I’d also like to help sick kids in hospital.

In a word, I’d like to help people who need help. If everyone helps out a bit, the world will be more colorful.

22、Mobile phones are ( useful , important , useless , bad…)to us Mobile phones are useful to us

Nowadays mobile phones are becoming more and more popular in our daily life. I also have a mobile phone and in my opinion , we should take mobile phones to school.

As we know, the 21st century is a modern age and full of information. A mobile phone is one of the quickest tools for us to exchange information. It is a fashionable and useful invention , so we should make the best use of it. Suppose there’s a sudden accident , it is more convenient for us to dial for help at once. There’re also some games in the mobile phones. We can relax ourselves by playing them when we’re tired of our studies.

In a word, it’s not wrong to follow the fashion, but the most important thing is how to use the mobile phone in a right way.

23、Confidence is important

Have you heard of the song, “I believe I can fly”。It tells that confidence is very important. When a person has confidence, he believes in himself. He believes that he can succeed, and this gives him the courage to try new things. Dreams and confidence are what keep us going on in the face of difficulties. No one can achieve success without them. If you believe you can fly, then you will really fly someday.

I think I will never give up whenever I meet any difficulty. I’ll remember confidence is the promise for achieving success.

24. How to keep healthy

Everyone hopes to live happily in the world. Health is essential for a happy life. I think health is very important to us because it can influence our life and work. If we are in poor health, we can’t do things we like. But how can we keep healthy? First, we should go to bed early and get up early. Next, we shouldn’t play too many computer games. Then, we should eat healthy food, like fresh vegetables and fruit. We should drink at least eight glasses of water every day. In addition, we should exercise regularly. In a word, keeping healthy is the most important thing in our life.


25. The power of smiling

Smile plays an important role in our daily life. It can make us get on well with others. If someone gives me a smile when we first meet each other, I’ll think he or she is a friendly person. And I’ll be glad to make friends with the person who always smile.

Smile also brings me power. If I’m in trouble, a smile will encourage me to be brave and confident. In my opinion smiling is as important as sunshine because it can make people happy and have a good day. That’s why I think smile is magic. The more smile we have, the more enjoyable life we will live!

26.To be a green consumer

Nowadays, the environment around us is becoming worse and worse. As we all know, people cause many kinds of pollution. Of course, we should save the earth and make the earth cleaner. So I always try to be a green consumer in my daily life. In my opinion, there are many little things that I can do to be a green consumer. I may turn off the lights or taps when I don’t use them. I can buy things that do not pollute our environment. In a word, it is important for us to be green consumers. I hope everyone becomes a green consumer so that our earth is becoming more and more beautiful.

27、Problems in my life

Everyone has a lot of problems in his life. As a teenager, I also have some problems. I find it hard to relax myself. Not only my teachers but also my parents give me a lot of homework to do. At weekends I have to go to the piano class. I am not allowed to play computer games. I have no time to do sports. That’s not good for our health or study. I think we should make good plans for our study.

We had better talk to our parents and tell them what we want to do. In this way we may enjoy our life better.

28、The person I will never forget

The person I will never forget is my English teacher, Mr Huang. He is humorous and always makes his classes lively and interesting. Mr Huang is kind and friendly, but sometimes he is still very strict with us. I was poor at English at the beginning, so Mr Huang often helps me after school. He was so patient that he explained all the difficulties to me. With his help, my English has been greatly improved.

Mr Huang is the best teacher that I have ever met. I will never forget him.

29、 Effects of TV advertising

Nowadays, no matter where you live, it is pretty easy for you to see many TV advertisements on TV. And TV advertising has become one of the most important parts in the world.

As the saying goes, “Every coin has two sides.” So does TV advertising. Sometimes it is useful to watch TV advertisements. When you can’t decide what to buy, it will give you some information to help you make a choice. If you don’t know the use of the product clearly, TV advertising will solve all your 8


Although TV advertising has plenty of good effects, it also brings some problems. On one hand, perhaps TV advertisements aren’t true enough and advertisers only want to sell their products. On the other hand, too many advertisements make it difficult for customers to choose products that they really want.

TV advertising brings us not only good effects, but also bad ones. We can trust the advertisements but not all of them. Use your own eyes to find out what to buy and what not to buy.

30、Learning to be independent

Since we have grown up, it’s important for us to be independent. In my opinion, all of us must learn to be independent because our parents can’t do everything for us. So being independent is necessary and it may be not very easy. To be independent, I start to wash my clothes by myself and I begin to learn how to cook in order to look after myself. In addition, I also learn to be brave when I meet difficulties and try to solve the problems by myself. I think we shouldn’t always depend on our parents and let them suffer from the danger and difficulties for us. We should face our life bravely and learn to do everything by ourselves. Let’s try to be independent.

31、I want to be a teacher

Everyone has his own dreams. My dream is to be a teacher when I grow up. Because I think this job is very meaningful and it’s wonderful to teach kids something they do not know. What’s more, I love children very much. I think children are very cute and it may be very interesting to play with them after class. Also, it’s very exciting to see them growing up quickly.

To make my dream come true, I will study harder. I will try my best to achieve good marks in every subject. I hope to become a good teacher in the future.

32、My weekend

After five-day hard work, weekends are the best time for us to relax. All of us certainly have our own special weekends. My weekend is both colourful and meaningful. First of all, I spend some time finishing my homework. Then, it’s time to watch TV or do some shopping with my mother. Sometimes I also have a picnic with my parents or friends. What’s more, I think it’s important to do some sports at weekends, such as cycling in a park nearby, playing badminton and so on. Besides, I also read some useful books for an hour to widen my scope of knowledge. In a word, my weekend is full of happiness.

33、My classmates and my class

In my opinion, my class is just like my second home because I spend most of my time in my class with my classmates. We always have lessons and play games together. We like to share our food with each other when we go out for visiting. We like to help each other when someone is in trouble. I still remember once one of my classmates was badly ill, all of us worried about him 9

and sent him to the clinic immediately. When it was Teacher’s Day, we all took out our pocket money to buy beautiful flowers to thank our teachers .

I think my class is a big family full of warmth, love and happiness. I love my class and I will never forget my classmates.

34.、 My opinion about happiness

Happiness is so important that everyone wants to gain happiness. In fact, happiness is always around us although we are unaware of it.

In my opinion, reading can bring me happiness. By reading, l can be not only happy but also relaxed. lt’s a useful way for me to get knowledge and happiness. Helping others brings me happiness as well. So try to give others a hand whenever you can. Then you will find that your life is full of happiness. I think if you spend your life with your heart, you will find your life is full of happiness all the time.


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