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In college.the dormitory life takes up a great put of my life. In my heart,it just like a different but important family to me ,so I don’t feel uncomfortable.

In the dormitory, I have to learn how to live independently.Because I must deal with all the things which I don’t need to do in my family . Such as making the bad,mopping the floor or washing clothes .All the things I think it’s so easy.The most important is how to communicate with roomates and how to get along with them .Though some months of the dormitory life .I know that we should care about others more and consider things in others’ views .Those can avoid conflict with others.

In my view. If you threat others as your families. You can get the attention from others also.


Since I graduated from high school.I have enjoyed my college school for 3 months.

At the beginning.I’m not used to it because of such a different life .Compared with former .college life have less regulation but more spare time .it’s mean that ,i am much freedom than before . I don’t have to study all the time . I needn’t get up early and I can take put in a lot of activities if I’m interested in it . I think all the colleges have the same thought.

But to be honest, I feel void .So I’m not very happy .And my friends are divided in different colleges.The most important is that I don’t arrange my time well . So at last I make some plans from making use of the resource.I need a rich and regulate life in order to have a clear future!

Nati-----educational The now-------pressure She was--------infection Tim--------recently

They tried-----establishment You-----continuously (employ)-----levels This-------harmful

She will------devotion There-----conceivable


As usual, when his parent don’t like what he wears,they start bugging him


Now that you are planning to move to Canada, you must try to adjust to could weather in winter


Consciously or unconsciously,we make up our minds about people through their eyes ,faces,bodies,and attitudes


Despite all the efforts from the local organizations in the battle against Aids ,the number of people in rural areas 我喜欢乘坐公交车上班而不是自己驾车,那天上午也不例外

I like to go to work by bus rather than driver and that morning was no exception

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