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My Chinese dream

发布时间:2014-01-21 09:03:25  

My Chinese dream

The dream of China, like the eagle soar above the sky in China, flying high. The Chinese dream is like running long-withering over Yellow River in China, spectacular; And my Chinese dream is like a blossom in China vine peony, Ming yan beauty.

Some people say that dream is a kind of illusory dreams. In fact, the dream is a kind of emotional reposing, is a real hope. Dream, when I sad, give me happiness; Dream, when I lost, I hope; Dream, in my helpless, give me strength.

The Chinese dream in my dream, dream, a dream of struggle, has been lingering in my heart! With the China dream this faith is to grasp their own life course, will not be lost; With China dream of this faith is like a beacon, illuminating the way forward, I have been to the summit of victory.

My Chinese dream, invigorating home, national campus is echoed in China is the rise of the Chinese, and read great ambition.

Although I no exceptional wisdom, not thinking very closely, no special accurate judgment, but I won't give up trying, although this dream away from me very far away, but I still will not stop pursuing, although in the process of realizing our dreams, there will be many setbacks and countless hardships, but I still don't lose heart, because I believe that only through a hellish hone, the strength to build to create heaven; Only

through the blood fingers, to pop up whereas most of the world; Only experience difficulties and setbacks, can realize their dreams and realize your China dream in the heart.

My Chinese dream, is also the Chinese people's dream, the dream it is no longer sleep, it was slowly wake up, give the world shine at the moment, on the earth is bright.



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