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---- 开放作文指导训练

练习一 Your English teacher shows the picture below and asks the class to discuss it. Your classmates have different understandings. Look at the picture carefully and tell the class how YOU understand it.

Main objects: Two men, a potted flower… State of each object: ? Two men are staring at a potted flower.
? One is smiling, imagining the blossom of the flower. ? The other views in an opposite way by showing a depressed look.

What does each object represent? ? The smiling man: those optimistic people

? The sad man: those pessimistic people
? The potted flower: What people may meet or face in life.

Possible viewpoints:
Different people may hold different attitude toward life.

As we can see the in the picture, two men are staring at a potted flower with apparently/ obviously different expressions on their faces. One person is smiling, imagining the flower blooming./ the flower in full blossom while the other is depressed, thinking about the sad ending of the flower/ the flower is doomed to wither in the future.

In my opinion, the picture is trying to tell us that different people may have different attitudes towards life. Faced with the same situation in our daily life, pessimistic people may feel helpless and complain about it all day long. Optimistic people, however, may look at it positively and take it as a chance to show his abilities and talents.

Therefore, it is our attitude that matters in our life.

开放作文中可供参考的典型句式: 描图部分: As the picture vividly conveys… As can be seen in the picture,… As you can see in the picture, … What an interesting/funny picture!

开放作文中可供参考的典型句式: 析图部分: This picture conveys the message that… What the picture wants to tell us is that… The picture indicates that… The picture tries to convey an attitude towards life.

析图部分: It happens in life that… Such a situation seems fairly common in our society… In my opinion, the figure refers to /stand for/represent… As far as I'm concerned, It's reasonable to relate…to… There are people/things just like ones in the picture.

析图部分: This picture reflects a common social phenomenon that… This picture represents some common people in our life.

In conclusion,… To sum up,… In a word,… Only by….can we…. Only in this way can we… It's high time that….



People hold different ideas about the same thing. People are looking at the same thing from different directions/angles.

As we can see from the picture, a man and a woman are looking at the same coin of one yuan. But what comes into the man’s mind is the front side of the coin, while the woman is thinking of the back side of it. The picture shows that people hold different ideas about the same thing. They are looking at it from different directions/angles. So whe

n your friend’s ideas differ from yours, don’t be surprised or get angry. At the same time, we should try to consider a thing from as many aspects as possible.

不同态度导致不同结果 To some people, challenges means changes and discomfort,. However, to other people, challenges are opportunities for them to grow stronger. Different attitudes towards challenges lead to different results. If we always avoid changes, we may lose good chance to improve ourselves. We should face them bravely and treat it in an optimistic way. Only in this way can we achieve success.

花开花谢: bloom, blossom, be fully open, wither, fade 乐观积极: ?be optimistic about…; be optimistic that…; ?be an optimist; ?hold an optimistic view of…; ?be full of optimism; ?be enthusiastic; ?be happy with…/be hopeful about…

悲观消极: ?worry about… ?be heavy-hearted ?be distressed/sad/upset ?lose heart ?be an pessimist ?complain about…

Attitude decides everything ---be positive over negative
There are at least two ways to look at everything in life. A pessimist looks for difficulty in the opportunity, whereas an optimist looks for opportunity in the difficulty. A novelist once said, “Two men looked out from prison bars. One saw mud, the other saw stars.” Try to look at the situation from a new angle, and you could put your heart to get more prepared for the writing, thus you’re likely to be more close to a higher score. At least you could tell yourself: it is better to change one’s attitude than to change one circumstance. You can do a lot to learn to practice and prepare for the

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