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Before you do everything, smile first.

When you need some help, you should say: "Excuse me." At the same time,if you show your unhappy face, he will be unhappy too. How can you get the help while he has no pleasure7 So show your smile, and you will get his help.

In fact, smile is a difficult job. It seems very difficult for you to smile when you are sad. Don't be afraid. Make up your mind to try once, only once, and you will find that you are much better in heart.

Smile is also a kind of language which cannot be heard by anyone, but persons always know its meaning. When you meet your friends in the morning, smile means "Good morning ! "When you fail, the friend's smile means "Have another try !" So when you smile, although you don't say any word, you can understand:each other.

Remember to smile, and happy life you'll get, I think! 微笑



实际上,微笑也不是一件简单容易的事。当你伤心的时候,你似乎就很难 笑得起来。不要担心,下定决心来试一次,哪怕是仅仅一次,你就会发现心里面 的感觉好多了。

微笑也是一种语言。虽然谁也听不到,但人人都知道它的意思。当早晨遇到朋友的时候,微笑意思是“早上好!”当你失败的时候,朋友的微笑意思就是“再试一次!”所以当你们微笑时,尽管什么都没有说,却都能相互理解。 记住给别人以微笑吧,我相信你一定会得到一个美好的人生!

Smile, how warm the word is! it can make anyone happy. and this happiness is from the bottom of heart.

It’s not like enthusiastic laughter, but just warm, makes your heart warm.

Mother’s smile is like a spring wind, so gentle when you are sad, it can make you happy again; when you fail, it can make you stand up and work hard again; when you give up, it can make you try your best again…

Smile, so easy, but also so useful.

So, let’s learn to smile. everyone needs others’ smile. when we give others a smile, we will feel happy, too. and maybe next time, when you need a smile, the person who received your smile will give it to you.

Let’s learn to smile often, i believe it can even make the whole warm. living with a smile, every day will be sunshine.

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