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The preparation plan for TEM989

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The preparation plan for TEM8

TEM8 is a comprehensive test for English major students, it includes listening, speaking, reading, writing, and general knowledge. Since we are just junior students, we still have had a year to prepare the TEM8. According to my present situation, I set up a plan for fully review the TEM8.

(before the Feb. 2015)


Listening to the BBC or CNN everyday (15-30minutes everyday morning before the first class)

Intensive listening:

Make full use of the regular study time from 7 pm.to 8pm. to listen to a passage from putclub (about 15minutes) and then repeat it by English. After that, I will try to summarize the main idea of this passage.

Shadowing exercise:

I will try to make use of the time before going to sleep to listen to some English novels and articles, then try to do some shadowing exercise.

TEM8 regular exercise:

Every week, I will spend time in doing the TEM8 listening part to consolidate the skills in the specific practice exercise. I have already prepared a book to note all the problems and reflection in doing all these exercises.

Grammar and vocabulary part:

Everyday, I will spend 20-30minutes to finish some grammar tests and check it.

I will spend everyday’s spare time to remember the TEM8 compulsory words, then look up and remember every word in the English dictionary.

1. Try to summarize every grammar focus from the previous paper and record the key points.

2. Try to summarize my own mistakes and note it on a book.

3. Try to find time to review all the mistakes.

General Knowledge:

I will try to review the previous knowledge and all my in-class notes and classify all of these into different parts according to their times or categories. And also, I will try to do some exercise to consolidate my knowledge.( twice a week)


Reading is one of the most difficult part, I will pay much attention to this part.

1. I will do at least 1 passage everyday according to the set time. And if time permits, I will find 3 passage to have a extensive reading every week. Find a notebook to extract all the splendid sentences and words in the text. If possible, I will use some of these great expression into my passage. The rest of the passage will be regarded as intensive reading materials.

2. Try to figure out all the mistakes I have made through discussing with classmates or teachers.

3. Try to enhance reading speed and skills through practice. During the process of doing exercises, I will summarize all different kinds of questions and have general

knowledge about the exam hints.I always believe the practice and summary makes perfect.


1. Settle all the problems I have met in the previous translation and try my best to do every translation homework.

2. To do TEM8 translation every day to consolidate my knowledge and translation skills.

3. To summarize every mistake I have made in translation, comparing my version with the Standard Answer.

4. Review the exercises I have done before and exercise it again and again. Find a notebook to take down all the reflection in translation.

Proofreading and Error Correction

I will do at least two passage a week.

1. To do some exercises to train my grammar.

2. It’s necessary to prepare a specialized training book to exercise this part. And I will focus on all the mistakes I have made, try to correct it, understand the logic link in the passage.

3. Review all the exercise I have done and summarize the previous paper.


Writing is the most important part in the TEM, for it take up large part of the marks. Also, it’s easy to lose mark if don’t write properly.

My plans as follow:

1. I will try to write an essay in limited time per week, and get it revised. If possible, I will try to analyze a passage every week from its rhetoric to genre. I will prepare a notebook to write down the details in writing passage and reflection.

2. It’s necessary to prepare a TEM8 writing book for me to know more about the writing skills and the advanced words.

3. Make full use of the standard answer and accumulate all the good expression from the sample, as well as its structure and genre. Try to imitate the kind of writing style into my own essay.

Intensive training( From Feb. To Mar.)

During this time, I will have to regulate my biological clock to adapt to the normal TEM8’s timetable. I plan to take a paper everyday till the test date.

While, during this time, I have to conquer all the upset and tiring feelings to prepare the upcoming test. What else, I will also mark every paper I have done and find my problem to correct.

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