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According to a survey, quite a few middle school students seldom or even never have breakfast before they go to school. It’s really a bad habit. But why don’t they eat breakfast? The survey shows that 56% of them think they are busy. 26% say that they have no appetite, and 18% say that they are afraid of getting fat.

In fact, having no breakfast will do harm to students’ health. It’s very important for us to keep healthy. Here is some advice for you to follow.

First, it’s necessary to eat enough fruit and vegetables, but don’t eat much meat. Good habits can help you keep healthy. Doing exercise is certainly a good way to make you healthy. After a day’s work, you need to have an eight-hour sleep. And you’d better not work too hard. Remember smoking is bad for your health, so never smoke.

How to keep fit

As we know, it is important for us to keep healthy and have a healthy life. How to keep fit? First, we should eat healthy food, such as apples, vegetables and so on. We mustn’t eat junk food, which is bad for our health. Second, to do sports is necessary for us. We can run and play ball games. Last, it is useful for us to have a good living habit. We should go to bed early and get up early. We must wash our hands before meals. What’s more, we should brush our teeth twice a day.

How to Develop Good Living Habits Everyone has different living habits. Good habits can make us keep healthy. As teenagers, what should we do?

In my opinion, everyone should get up and sleep on time every day. Don’t play or watch TV all night. That is bad for our health and affects our work. We should eat more vegetables and fruit, and eat less meat. I advise everybody to take more physical exercise. Don’t eat junk food, for example, instant noodles. Don’t litter and spit. Don’t play on the road. Remember to obey the traffic rules. No jaywalking. In a word, if we want to keep healthy and happy, we must develop good living habits.

How to Protect Our Eyes

Eye is the window of our mind. We use our eyes to see everything around us. Without eyes, nothing is left beside you but darkness.

How to protect our eyes? It’s not right to keep your eyes working for a long time. You’d better not read in a strong or poor light. Don’t read in bed or on a moving bus. Remember to keep your books away from your eyes for about a foot and do eye exercises every day. What’s more, a balanced diet is necessary.

Follow my advice and form a good habit. It’s time to say goodbye to thick glasses.

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