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Topic: Agree or disagree, in order to succeed, you should be more like others than be different from everyone else.

outline: disagree in order to succeed, you should be more like others than be different from everyone else.

1. difference in value leading to difference meaning of success, so imitate others cannot bring the sense of successful

2. considering complex situation, simple imitate can't get success

3. modren society advocate individuality and provide such chance

When it comes to whether we should imitate other person to be succeed, different person has different view. Some people views that through imitation, we can get great personal improvement on many aspects; While other people hold the point that every succeed

individualize has different route and way to get success. As far as I concerned, I would like to side with the later people. I am willing to discuss it by proposing the following main reasons. First, There are various explanation of the genuine meaning of being succeed. Well, what's success? I like to say that success is a great integration of emotional well-being with material satisfactions. It's not just simple means be wealthy, as many view now. So maybe others' success cannot bring the sense of self-satisfaction and successful to you cause the difference in value. For instance, my mother and aunt wang choice different job after they graduate from the university. At that time, both of them have chance to work for government as a office bears, which is said to be a very great job in my country. However, my mother choose to be a teacher for that, compared with being a office lady, she prefer to teach children and she like the feeling of teach. This can provide her a sense of

pleasure. Even at the point of secular perspectives, aunt wang is more successful but my mother never regret to be a teacher cause she know what she really want to be. So the difference definition in success and value may lead to different choices and simple imitation cannot bring success to individual. It's vital that we must know what we really want to be.

What's more, considering that not every one are faced with the same situation, it's true that simple becoming more like others or imitating others will not bring success to individuals. Success is the consequence of long-time hard work and right decision of chance. When faced with a great chance, the definition of right decision will also change according to particular situation. It's likely that one person's derision will not suitable for another person. For example, at the last century, Qing dynasty in China want to imitate England and Japan's government system--constitutional monarchy to get rid of

undeveloped. Well, it turned out to be that such constitutional monarchy cannot come true because of various reasons. So in order to succeed, we must to consider many factors that may affect the consequence but not simple imitate others.

Additional, the vast advancement in society and technology bring more chance and

various possibility to individual. This is an era that advocate personality and don't inhibit

personal characteristics. So it's unnecessary to imitate others intentional to get success. What's more, more parents are open-mind contrast to the past and support their children to choose a career different from others.

From the above statements, it may conclude that to be successful, simple becoming more like others are useless because of different value, complex situation and the change in society.

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