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1.Mr Green has three daughters, but _________of them lives with him.

A. neither B. none C. all D. both

2.They all felt _______ after a ________ bus ride.

A. happy; pleased B. pleasant; pleased

C. pleased; pleasant D. happy; pleasure

3.No matter ___________, I won’t agree with him.

A. what he does say B what he says

C. how he says D. what does he say

4.---___________ have you lived there?

---I’ve lived there __________ I left school.

A. How long; since B. How soon; when C. How long; as soon as D. When; since

5.This jacket is so nice, but it __________ too much.

A. pays B. costs C. takes D. spend

6.I’ve never seen _________ mountain in my life.

A. so beautiful B. such a beautiful C. so beautiful a D. such beautiful a

7.The old man didn’t allow us ________ into the house. It’s dangerous.

A. to come B. come C. coming D. came

8.________ careful you are, ___________ mistakes you will make.

A. The more; the more

B. The fewer; the more

C. The more; the fewer

D. The less; the less

9.What a nice bike! How long ________ you _________it?

“Just two weeks.”

A. will; buyB. did; buy C. are; having D. have; had

10.Because he is always ill, he had to _________ his job.

A. put up B. put on C. look up D. give up

11.________ you ever ________ the Summer Palace?

A. Did; go to B. Do; go to C. Have; gone to D. Have; been to

12.Not only he but also she _________ the film.

A. have seen B. have saw C. has seen D. has saw

13.Reading can _________ us happy.

A. make B. feel C. get D. help

14.We should do better in ____________ English.

A. speak B speaks C. speaking D saying

15.Hainan Island is __________ island of China. A. the second largest B. the second largest

C. the second larger D. second largest

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