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英 语 试 题


二. 单项选择(15分)

( )21.It’s _______ interesting movie.

A.a B./ C.an

( )22.Don’t _______ in class.

A.sleep B.sleeping C.sleeps

( )23.Where _______ he _______ from?

A.is;come B.does;comes C.does;come

( )24.Can you_____ me a story?

A.speak B.sing C.tell D. talk 2

( )25.My birthday is _______ March 18th.

A.in B.on C.at

( )26.—_______ do you like music?

—Because my favorite subject is music.

A.What B.When C.Why

( )27. Don’t talk _____ drink in class.

A.and B.but C. or D. so

( )28. -----Does he go there_____ train?

-----No, he goes there _____ bus.

A. /; by B. in, by C. by, by D. by, /

( )29.I like _______ to the movie _______ my friends.

A. go;with B.going;with C.going;and

( )30. ----What animals _____ he like?

----He ____dogs.

A. does; like B. does likes C. do; likes D. do; like

( )31.It’s time for class,please _______ quiet.

A.is B.be C.are

( )32________weekdays, we go to school_____ 7 o’clock.

A. In, at B. On, at C. On, in D. In, on

( A. to go C. go to D. going to

( )34. It’s five o’A. sleep C. are sleeping D. is sleeping

( )15. My work is interesting but ______ dangerous.

A a kind B kinds of C kind of D kind

( ) 35. It takes me two hours ________ my homework every day.

A. do B. to do C. doing D. Does

( ) 36. Listen! Mary in the next room.

A. sings B. is singing C. sang D. sing

( ) 37. How far is it _______ your home _______school?

------About 2 kilometers.

A.from, to B. between, and C. from, at D. at, to

( ) 38.-- How far is it _______ your home _______school?

------About 2 kilometers.

A.from, to B. between, and C. from, at D. at, to

( )39.My sister is good at ___________the piano.

A.plays B. playing C.play D.to play

( )40.Mike is _____________boy.

A.one 11-year –old B.one 11-years-old

C. one-11-year old D.one 11-year-old



There is a big___41___ in our city. We can see many __42_____ there. A(n) ___43___,the biggest animal on land is also living there. Many ____44___fly in the sky(天空).Some beautiful ducks always ____45___in the river. What are these in the trees? Oh ,they are ____46__ .They like ____47___ leaves. They are from Australia. Aren’t they cute? There is a tiger in the cage __48_____ the tree . It eats a lot of meat every day. I like the ___49____ best because it lives only in China and it is the symbol of_____50__.

( )41.A.park B. zoo C. hall D. school

( ) 42 A. trees B .students C. food D animals

( ) 43.A.lion B. giraffe C. elephant D. cat

( ) 44 . A .birds B. fish C. tigers D. dogs

( )45 . A. fly B. swim C. save D .sleep

( ) 46 . A. elephants B. tigers C. koalas D. lions

( ) 47 . A. eating B. eat C. to kill D. killing

( ) 48.A.on B .in C. under D. over

( ) 49.A.giraffe B .tiger C .panda D. lion

( ) 50.A. smart B .scary C. cut D. friendly

四.阅读理解(20) much. They have two Sam and Sue. They are both in Shanghai with their parents. Mr. Smith can’t speak Chinese, but his wife can speak it very well. Mr. Smith likes swimming and reading, and Mrs. Smith likes swimming and reading, too. They often go swimming in the afternoon and read in the evening. Sam and Sue like playing games with Chinese boys and girls.Sam’s uncle works on a farm near London. He likes swimming, too. He wants to work in Shanghai, but he can’t speak Chinese. So he is still(仍然) there and goes to Chinese classes every day.

51. Where are Sam and Sue from ?

A. Canada B. America C. England D. Australia

52. What sport does Mrs. Smith like ?

A. Swimming B. Running C. Playing basketball D. Walking

53. What does Sam’s uncle do ?

A. A teacher B. A worker C. A farmer D. An actor

54. What does Sue like ?

A. Swimming and reading B. Playing computer games

C. Watching TV D. Playing games


55. ________ are in different countries now.

A. Mr. and Mrs. Smith B. Mrs. Smith and her children

C. Mr. Smith and his brother D. Mr. Smith and his children


Miss Li is a teacher. She teaches in a middle school. She gets up at half past five in the morning. She has breakfast at 6:00.After that she goes to school by bike. She gets there very early. She cleans the desks and chairs for other teachers. Classes begin at 8:00.She and the other teachers work hard. She goes home at 4:00 in the afternoon. Then she does some housework .After dinner she reads books and goes over the students’ homework. She goes to bed at about ten.


A. in a shop B. in a middle school C. on farm D. in a factory

57.She get up at in the morning..

A. 5:l0 B.5:20 C.5:30 D.5:45


A .late B at night C. early D. on foot

A. at 4:30 D.in the morning

A reads books C


第二卷 知识运用部分


up very early in the morning. She has to do her homework school. She can’t go school nights. She has to wash the dishes(洗碗 , and then she can watch TV an hour. She likes . She has to be in by ten o’clock because she has to up early the next morning. a music club and often goes there on weekends. She has guitar every day. But she doesn’t think she’s happy.


1. 2. 3. 4. Let’s _________(see)the pandas first.

5. Chinese people are __________ (friend) to others.

6. Look! your brother ____________(swim) in the river.

7.Lisa is good at _____________(tell) stories.

8.They have breakfast___________(quick).

9.Linda loves___________(play) with her little dog.

10.She_____________(have) to go to bed before 10 o’clock.



1 .Tom likes dogs 画线部分提问) _______ _______ Tom _______ dogs? (就部分画线提问) _______ _______ your uncle live?

3. What time is it now?(改为同义句)

now? 就画线部分提问) _________the girl ___________ ?


7.I do my homework at six thirty.(改为否定句) 8、You can’t eat in class.(变成祈使句) in class.


就画线部分提问) _________ ________lions from?


________ do you __________ to go to moives?





2. 词数70左右。




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