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中国石油大学 (北京)初赛试题

Task 1
记叙文写作(Narrative Writing)

Look at the pictures, and write a story that fits the pictures and the sequence. Your story should be 600800 words.

Task 2 类型二:议论文写作 (Argumentative Writing)
Read the following two paragraphs with contradicting views, and write a passage on the issue. You should clearly state your opinion and explain the reasons for your opinion. You should write about 800 words.

Tablets are the ideal system of organization in schools. They are convenient, in which much information is stored in small sizes and kept together in one place, and cheap, as digital information is now becoming more affordable than print. As evolution continues to rock the modern world, digital devices will become more and more reliable. Someday, they will entirely replace print books, and hopefully, that day will come soon. Many may argue that tablets are much more convenient than paper books. But not everyone shares this preference of tablets or finds them convenient. In fact, in a study conducted by Book Industry Study Group (BISG), it was found that 75% of college students preferred traditional textbooks in which they can highlight the key words and write notes. Also, some may suggest that it is cheaper to invest in tablets than textbooks. In fact, in a 2008 study of public schools in Kentucky it was estimated that the cost of textbooks and supplies totaled around $44 million. The cost per school was around $988 for textbooks and supplies. That is roughly the cost of only two tablets. To provide tablets to all the students in a school would be an enormous sum. Therefore, we may conclude that while tablets have their purposes, they should not replace the printed books used in schools.

Task 3
类型三:说明文写作 (Expository Writing)
Write a passage to introduce the Mid-autumn Festival to foreigners. You should write about 600 words.

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