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Time flies really fast, a blink of an eye, happy winter vacation is coming to an end of life, recalling the winter vacation, I think I had a full and happy. Just a winter vacation soon, my family came a housecleaning, early in the morning, we started the division of labor: Dad cleaning cupboard, mother wiped the floor, I wipe the glass. That action action, I take the newspaper will be glass carefully wipe, and then for the "good helper" "a wipe". I put in two sponge wet, will "wipe" half inside, the other half on the outside, pressed against the glass, "bang" glue grip, half of the line I used to hold out, and then there are sequentially on a mobile. My one breath brushed five windows, wipe clean the windows of the pole, even let dad look outside, got a package. In order to reward me, Dad promised to go fishing with me, but I can't make a sound. I promised again and again. A few days later, my father took me into the field of a large pond, took out a fishing rod, I put on the earthworm, I chose a place, put it off, and then quietly waiting for the fish to bite. So for a long time, but nothing happened, I almost want to throw down the fishing rod to play, there have been several fish can see dad in the bucket, but also not willing to lose to him, just holding a fishing rod stem, ogle buoy buoy, suddenly trembled, I rubbed my eyes, it came again, I'm sure the fish hook, fishing rod is put up, ha ha, a big fish, I lift of her head toward the father, father eyes looked at me with surprise,

I'm so happy! Have a good beginning, I believe, not to give up easily. So, the goddess of fortune befalls me, fish fish to eat the bait, I came to a big harvest. Back home, mom and dad have to gave me the thumbs up, I also admire myself. Yes, your winter vacation well, Is it right? Like me full and happy? Good.

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