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大原則:1. 「描寫文」就是要描寫人、物、地方。

2. 描寫文重點:務必寫出

2.1. 描寫主體的特點。(才能使自己的文章與眾不同。)

2.2. 描寫主體與自己的關係或影響。(才能使文章有生命、感情)

3. 特點可依外型、內在、出處、來源、歷史、影響中擇要描寫。特點可能有很多,最好只專注寫一兩點,免得流於蜻蜓點水。

4. 要有主題句、支持句、結論句。

5. 常用句型如下:

5.1. 據我所知,..... As far as I know, S + V.

5.2. 毫無疑問地,…There is no doubt (that)子句

5.3. 在各種…之中,… Among various kinds of …, …= Of all the …, …

5.4. 在我認識的人當中,也許沒有一個人比…更值得我尊敬。

Of all the people I know, perhaps none deserves my respect more than …

5.5. 在我的求學過程中,我忘不了…

In the course of my schooling. I will never forget …

5.6. 我的理由如下,:My reasons are as follows: First, … Second, … Last, …

5.7. 這就是位什麼… There are the reasons why …

5.8. 老實說,...To tell the truth, S + V.

5.9. 簡而言之,.... In brief(short), S + V.

5.10. 每當我聽到…,我就忍不住感到…。Whenever I hear …, I cannot but feel .

5.11. 這是我這輩子最…之一。 It is one of the most ….. in my life


一. 內容結構解析:

第 1 頁,共 3 頁

To my mind, my father is handsome.

He is very tall with He is always smiling even if he meets He is an optimistic man, so

he always looks on the bright side Besides

, he is good-tempered. He seldom gets angry with Whatever we do, we like to have him keep us

However, we don’t like his snoring when he sleeps.

Father never scolds me when I make mistakes. Instead, he


, he always encourages me to study hard when young. In

, I respect my father very much and I am always happy to be 125 words 18分 (4 4 4 4 2)

二. 本篇用到的轉折語:to my mind, even if, so, besides, however, when, instead, in addition, in


三. 本篇用到的特殊句型:

1. 連接詞:.even if …(即使…), so, when,

2. 無論…什麼,…:Whatever …, S V.

四. 本篇用字:to meet with … 遭遇… optimistic a.樂觀的 to look on the bright side 看光明面 good-tempered a.好脾氣的 naughty a.淘氣的 to keep人company陪…

snore v.打鼾 scold v.責備 instead adv.反而 in sum 總之

五. 總評:



一. 內容結構解析:

第 2 頁,共 3 頁

The Most Precious Thing in My Room When most people think about precious things, they think about money or jewelry. I’m a student, so I’m not rich, but I do have something very precious in my room. No, it’s not a CD player or a cell phone.

I’m lucky to live near a park. My window looks over the Below the trees

I can see children in My classmates like to go on line or listen to music, but when 131 words 19分(5 4 4 4 2)

二. 本篇用到的轉折語:when, so, but, no, below the trees

三. 本篇用到的特殊句型:

1. 第一段及第二段主題句都在段末。

2. I can see O1, O2, and O3.一口氣把窗戶外的景色講完。

四. 本篇用字:precious a.珍貴的 jewelry n.珠寶 a cell phone 手機

to look over 鳥瞰 playground n.遊樂場

五. 總評:用字句型雖簡單,但結構完整,敘述方式不同,內容順暢完整。.


第 3 頁,共 3 頁

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