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What problems did you meet before in your study or life?

How did your parents /teachers /friends /…..help you out?

If others are in trouble, what will you do to help?


During the past 3 years, I have met some problems in my study. They made me really upset and even give up. It’s my teachers and friends that helped me out.

I used to fail math tests very often but my math teacher, Ms Li, was really patient to me. She encouraged me to do more exercises and taught me to regard the difficulties as challenges. Luckily, I made great progress. In my heart, she is the light of my life. I will never forget her.

If you are in trouble, just come to me and I will also try my best to help you.



What challenge did you meet in your study or life?

How did you deal with it?

What do you think we should do when we face the challenge?


As a student in Grade Nine, I had challenges in improving my grades and getting used to long hours of classes.

I kept doing more exercises. Practice really made perfect. I also fitted some sports into my daily life. The balance of study and sports made me more energetic and helped e concentrate more on what the teachers say in class.

In my opinion, when challenges come, we should keep a positive attitude and face them bravely.



Who do you think is the most beautiful student?

Please tell us a beautiful story about him or her.

What is a teenager supposed to do?


In my eyes, my best friend Li Ming can be chosen as the most beautiful student of our school. Not only is he hard-working, but also he is very kind-hearted.

Ling Ming volunteers his free time to help disabled children in the City Orphanage for about three years. Once I followed him to go to the orphanage. That day I saw many warm pictures. He played games with the disabled children. He read books to them. He gave out the presents that he himself bought to them. Tears came into my eyes when I heard the children call him “elder brother’.

As a teenager, we should be good students at school. We should be parents’ helpers at home. In the neighborhood, we should try to put our love to good use by protecting our environment and being volunteers. I wish I can become one of the most beautiful students like my best friend, Li Ming.


周末是我们放松身心,和朋友、家人参加户外活动的日子。你的周末呢?还记得你拥有的最难忘的周末么?你觉得周末如何度过才能更有意义?请以“My Weekend”为题,写一篇80词左右的英语短文。


Are you busy on weekends?

Please tell us an unforgettable weekend you had.

How do you think teenagers should spend their weekends?


My Weekend

As a Grade Nine student, I am usually very busy on weekends. In order to get good grades, I have to take some extra classes and also I have a lot of homework to do. So I am really tired on weekends.

How I missed my unforgettable weekend when I was young! I still remember it was a sunny day, I went hiking with my classmates and teachers. We played games and had fun climbing the hills. Everyone of us enjoyed ourselves. We didn’t want to leave until it was very late.

In my opinion, we should have relaxing weekends. After a week’s study, we really need to have a good rest. We can go to see a movie or play basketball with our friends. Also we can visit our grandparents. I think they will be very happy to see us. I don’t like busy and tiring weekend. What about you?

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