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Where there is a will, there is a way

An English saying“Where there is a will, there is a way.” In my opinion, it means success is not very far from us if we have a wish .

Do you know the Apple Company?s CEO Steve Jobs ? He didn?t graduate from the university ,but he had a great dream “l will have the whole world. ”So he worked hard .When he met problems , he said to himself ?Never give up.? Thanks to these ,he has been called “The Most Successful Businessman .”

We will graduate from our middle school soon. I know each of us has a dream. Just do it . You will be successful because of this saying “Where there is a will ,there is a way.”

The secrets of happiness

Happiness is important in our daily lives.

If we are happy , we will find that everything around us is beautiful. So how to be happy is very necessary. I have some ways to be happy. First, we should be friendly to others so that we will have lots of friends. In return, they can make me happy when I am sad. Second ,we should have a positive(积极的) attitude to failures. Whenever we meet the failures ,don?t be afraid of them or be sad , try your best to do it again and again until you are successful. At last ,you will achieve/gain the happiness.

If you can do well in my useful ways, your life will be full of pleasure/fun/achievement.

Failure and success make my school life better

My school life consists of failure and success, which make my school life better and make me grow up as well.

Someone perhaps thinks failure is awful and bad for them, but an English saying: Failure is the mother of success. So when I meet the failure, first, I have a good attitude and then try my best to overcome it. On the other hand, being successful is a hard job because the way to the success is full of trouble. I always tell myself: Never give up. Whenever I succeed in doing something, it gives me encouragement and more confidence at the same time

Thanks to failure and success, my school life is full of enjoyment and makes me better and better.

the Most Important Thing in My Life

There are always many important things that may happen in our life.

Among them, learning to be brave, learning to be confident are the important things in my life. I think learning to share is the most important.

“Share” is another word for “ exchange with each other”. It enables us to get more ideas or experience from others. It also shows that we have the ability and willing to help others.

As a famous saying goes “One flower makes no garden”, so we should learn to share with others.

At that moment, I felt happy

Last Sunday, I took the PE High School Entrance Examination. Before the start, I was very nervous because I was afraid that I would fail in the exam.

When the 1000-metre race began, at first, I felt very well. However, gradually, the longer I ran , the more tired I felt. At that time , I really wanted to give up. Just then , my classmates? encouragement and teachers? support provided me a lot of confidence, which made me become brave. Finally, I got to the finish line successfully.

At that moment, I felt very happy. Just like an English saying: Perseverance is victory. At that moment, I felt happy because confidence and effort equal success.At that time, I felt happy because I realized that I have grown up.

I am proud of myself

Confidence plays an important role in daily life. I am a confident person and I am always proud of myself. First of all, I feel glad that I often learn to share with others. That?s because it not only enables me to get more ideas and experience from others, but also shows that I have the ability and willing to help others. As a famous saying goes, one flower makes no garden. Learning to share with others makes me have more friends. Second, I am always ready to care for others. When my classmates have problems they can?t solve, I often do them a favour. All these make me proud of myself.

I think the most beautiful things in the world are the smiles on people?s faces who are helped by me, so I am glad to be a member of volunteer group.

In order to help the people around us or far away from us, our group members have organized many meaningful activities. Last holiday, we made many special newspapers by ourselves which are about the environmental protection. We sold them to the people in the nearby park so that we could send the money we got to the Red Cross. Helping others always makes us feel extremely(very ) happy.

As a member of volunteer group, I often call on people around me to do voluntar['vɑl?n,t?r?] (志愿者) work ,too, because volunteering is great, isn?t it?

I still remember that an unforgettable thing happened to me in the winter holidays.

On a sunny morning, I decided to climb the mountain near my hometown with my parents. At first, since it was my first time to climb a mountain, I was very excited. But soon I found the higher I climbed, the more tired I was. It was so hard for me that I wanted to give up. At that time, my parents encouraged me to go on. So I did my best. When I got to the top, I saw the beautiful view below. I felt so proud of myself.

From this unforgettable thing , I learned “where there is a will, there is a way”. I think I won?t give up easily in my life.

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