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My dream

My dream is to be a woman president. Perhaps you’ll think that I must be mad, and being a woman president in China is even more difficult than flying into the sky without wings. However, I want to say it is just a big ambition. I have a dream to be a woman president because I want to show that a woman can do the things that a man can do. No matter whether my dream will come true or not, I will try my best to do everything because nothing is impossible.

Everybody has his own dream. My dream is to be a tour guide. Some people may think it’s tiring to be a tour guide. But I don’t think so because I can visit many places of interest around the world and I can learn different cultures and customs. Besides, I also can meet different people in different places. So I really want to be a guide. It is an exciting job. From now on, I must study geography well. I think through my hard work, my dream will come true in the future

Things I Hate to Do

Most of the time I do things which I enjoy. However, there are still things that I hate to do. I hate to keep pets and tell lies. The thing that I hate doing most is smoking. As we all know, smoking is not only bad for ourselves but also harmful to others. Whenever my father smokes, I feel rather sick. Besides, it is a waste of money to smoke, I think. What’s more, smoking pollutes the air. So I hate smoking most.

Most of the time I do things which I enjoy. However, there are still things that I hate to do. I hate doing things against rules. I hate being indifferent when others are in trouble. But, the thing I hate doing most is to be dishonest. It is really an immoral thing to be dishonest. You will feel guilty after cheating others. If your lie is recognized, you’ll get punishments. You will never be trusted once you tell lies, and not respected as well. I hate people who are dishonest. I hate being dishonest, and I hope that everyone is honest to others.

Love around me

It’s widely accepted that everyone needs love. And I think there is always love around me. My parents show love to me by looking after me well. My classmates' help makes me feel their love. I’m so moved that words can't express how much I love them! So I will spare no effort to help my parents do housework and help my friends in return. Finally, I really want to say thanks to them from the bottom of my heart!

I want to do something for my school

It’s widely believed that a clean environment plays an important part in our school life. Needless to say(不用说), school is my second home, so I want to try my best to

make my school clean and tidy. In my opinion, picking up the rubbish on the ground is the basic way of making my school clean. What’s more, telling others the importance of protecting our school environment is necessary. “Nothing is impossible for a willing heart.” I hope my school will be more attractive with its clean environment.

I am proud of myself

Confidence plays an important role in daily life. I am a confident person and I am always proud of myself. First of all, I feel glad that I often learn to share with others. That’s because it not only enables me to get more ideas and experience from others, but also shows that I have the ability and willing to help others. As a famous saying goes, one flower makes no garden. Learning to share with others makes me have more friends. Second, I am always ready to care for others. When my classmates have problems they can’t solve, I often do them a favour. All these make me proud of myself.

I think the most beautiful things in the world are the smiles on people’s faces who are helped by me, so I am glad to be a member of volunteer group.

In order to help the people around us or far away from us, our group members have organized many meaningful activities. Last holiday, we made many special newspapers by ourselves which are about the environmental protection. We sold them to the people in the nearby park so that we could send the money we got to the Red Cross. Helping others always makes us feel extremely(very ) happy.

As a member of volunteer group, I often call on people around me to do voluntar['vɑl?n,t?r?] (志愿者) work ,too, because volunteering is great, isn’t it? In my eyes, my school life is full of happiness , excitement and achievement.

Sometimes, my school life is very busy and exciting. There are many activities in our school, Such as Sports Meeting, Science Week and Art Week and so on. We all take an active part in it .In this way, I have made many new friends and we often help and learn from each other in study. In addition, our kind and patient teachers have taught us a lot . They not only teach us how to study but also teach us how to be a useful person in society.

All in all, my school life is just like a beautiful painting which I will remember it in my heart forever.

After nearly four years’ study, I find that I have got a lot from it, not only knowledge bust also the way to face challenge in everyday life.

First, when I meet a difficult question, I learn to work it out by myself. I should be the master of my own study. Second, never give up. Although the study is tiring and I will feel sad and disappointed , I still believe that where there is a will ,there is a way. Third , we can take every opportunity to challenge ourselves and learn the way to be successful and confident from the experience.

What I said the above is my achievement form study, what about yours?

Everyone has some unforgettable activities. So do I.

The most unforgettable activity in my memory was to visit the old on Sep 9th last year. Before that day, my classmates made a decision to call on the old and helped them so that we could celebrate them for their own festival. First, we helped them with the housework in order to offer them an comfortable environment. Then, we showed some excellent performance. For example, singing some songs, telling interesting stories and so on. Although we were very tired, we were still very happy in the heart.

From this instructive activity, I learn that everyone should do something to the old. To make others happy, we will gain the happiness at the same time. What an unforgettable activity it was!

I still remember that an unforgettable thing happened to me in the winter holidays.

On a sunny morning, I decided to climb the mountain near my hometown with my parents. At first, since it was my first time to climb a mountain, I was very excited. But soon I found the higher I climbed, the more tired I was. It was so hard for me that I wanted to give up. At that time, my parents encouraged me to go on. So I did my best. When I got to the top, I saw the beautiful view below. I felt so proud of myself.

From this unforgettable thing , I learned “where there is a will, there is a way”. I think I won’t give up easily in my life.

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