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Nowadays,there are more and more misunderstanding between parents and children .It is a common problem shared by many family,whose cause lies in what we call generation gap.

Why have there been so much misunderstanding between parents and children?Maybe the reasons can be listed as follows.Firstly, I strongly incline the view that parents and children less the chance of communicating with each other,which make them don’t know well.Secondly,they have growing up at different times,which make them have disparate standpoint at different things.Last but not least,since parents are busy with their job everyday,which will increase the distance of family.

To solve the problem is not easy at all,but is worth trying.For one thing,our parents have been doing too much for us since we were born,so we should respect and understand our parents.On the other hand,parents should show more trust and express their love to their children.All this meatures will certainly bridge the generation gap.

Nowadays,there is a hot debate about whether students should be allowed to have optional choices of their teachers.

A number of factors contribute to students on how to select lectures and teachers.Firstly,there is no doubt that teachers’ knowledge play an important role in students,which can help students learn more and expand their horizon.Besides,a good sense of humor can sttract student’s attention.If teachers have a good sense of humor ,the efficiency of learning will be improved.Last but not least,some students are concerned about the quantity of our assignments,which refer to their spare time.

Obviously,there are both positive and negative as to the view of this matter.An advantage of choosing lectures is that students can select a suitable teacher,which could help students master lectures easier.However,we cannot emphasize the importance of adopting diversified teaching too much.So this is a problem worthy of further consideration.

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