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A story that impressed you most in your life.

When we are growing,we may be confronted with plenty of things.Some can make us happy but some make us sorrow.Even something makes us impressed,which helps us grow better as well.
It was a real story, which I was impressed deeply by it.Nothing is more unforgettable than this.It was in my high school when it happened.At the end of the term,our teacher did the assessment for every student in our class.When the table was given to me,I opened it and read it as careful as possible.The teacher said that she liked me a lot.And as far as she was concerned,I was an excellent student whom she had high expectation with.What's more,she firmly believed that I could create a wonder.However,I knew she encouraged me so that I can study harder.After that,I tried my best to get good grade so that she won't lose confidence with me.As a consequence,I did not let her disappoint.In my life,this experience influenced me a lot which aid me to go the first step to success.
This is my real story,and I am so happy that I am able to share it with you.

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