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雅思大作文distance learning 1

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Universities and colleges are now offering qualifications through distance learning from the Internet rather than teachers in the classroom. Do you think the advantages of this development overweigh the disadvantages?

Nowadays, the topic of whether it is appreciated to allow children to study at home by computers id of a great concern for many people. From my perspective, Iagree that distance learning has a key role to play in helping individuals to study.

It is undeniable that distance education programmers have reformed the way we study and live. First of all, people are able to study at their own pace depend on distance learning.With the technological breakthroughs, a host of technologies like computers have been adopting in our daily life. It is convenient for residents to study in front of computers owing to they can adjust the pace of courses to their need. Traditionally, students acquire knowledge by a class and sometime they are unlikely to grasp the basic knowledge within such short time. If students study at home, however, they can learn from video tutorials for several times until they have better acquiesce with knowledge. Besides, distance learning is of advantage toteachers. When teachers work from home, they no longer commute back and forth to work. This means that this new educational method save transport costs and commuting time. Thus, this approach makes teachers have flexible timetables.

Distancelearning also imposes a burden on children’ health.It is generally acknowledged that distance learning needs students to study in front of computer screen. This may lead to a sedentary lifestyle.As people are get accustomed this lifestyle, not only do they reluctant to do exercise regularly, they may bestruck with some illness like myopia which pose a threat to children’ health.

To sum up, although distance learning has some drawbacks, I am convinced that students and teachers are the major beneficiaries from distance learning.

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