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How time flies! Our three years’ junior high school life will come to an end soon. We’ll have to say goodbye to each other to our best friends and to our beloved teachers. I have all the happy and sad memories of these three years in my heart

Three years ago three boys came to a school from different places. They were my best friends. At that time we were young and shy with each other. However, as time went by, we became closer and closer. We studied hard together played sports together and hang out with each other. When we failed exams, we encouraged each other. We faced challenges together and solved problems together. We shared happiness and sadness and grew up together. Now we have to face the future separately. I believe that our friendship will last although we may end up in different high schools


Shenzhen is calling

Shenzhen is a modern city with beautiful are many places of over the world

Nowadays the environment of better and better. We feel the underground is people in Shenzhen are friendly and 范文三:

side. I stayed there I helped my uncle with the farm work. Sometimes I went swimming in with my cousin after working, and I wrote diaries about what happened there

I also helped the children in the neighborhood with their English. Every morning I spent two hours helping them I

How enjoyable my summer vacation was!


Spring festival is important in china

The spring festival is one of the most important traditional festivals in china. It’s as important Christmas Day in western countries. It is the time for family members to get together. Before it comes, people often buy much delicious food to eat。

On New Year’s Eve after the big dinner, the family members sit together to watch TV or talk happily. when the new year comes at mid-night, all the people are happy and 21世纪教育网 -- 中国最大型、最专业的中小学教育资源门户网站。 版权所有@21世纪教育网


say Happy New Year to each other. Children receive lucky money from parents and relatives. How happy they are! In many places people play firecrackers. It is very interesting and exciting .


How to practice spoken English

Good morning ladies and gentlemen! I am very glad to share my experience on practicing spoken English with you. I think English is very important because it is used by about a quarter of the world’s population. To improve my spoken English, I recite excellent sentences and passages every day. I also watch English programs. Besides, I often introduce the places of interest and delicious food to my foreign friends in English. If you want to speak English well, you must take any chance to practice.

I hope you will make great progress in your spoken English soon !


My unforgettable Middle School Life

How time flies!myself.


I recently surveyed my about their views on whether parents can be trust each other. They should often talk with each other and know how to share with others.


With the development of society, advertisements become more and more popular. But when we refer to this topic, different people have different ideas.

Some people think we can benefit a lot from advertisements. First, they promote economy by encouraging people to buy more goods. Second, advertisements give consumers latest information about products. Third, they always help us buy better and cheaper goods. However, a lot of people consider the bad effect of advertisements more. They persuade people to buy the products they don’t really need. And false advertising cheats consumers.

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Actually, every coin has two sides. To some extent, advertisements cause the waste. But in today’s world, advertising is not only necessary but also helpful.

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