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My college exhausted but amused

My university exhausted but amused .

Time goes by, gone are the days when we were playing and emulating together. I go to this place which is unacquainted to me but I will live and study for several years.

As for me, frankly I really feel tired but excited for everything seems novel as well as strange to

me. Honestly speaking, we are always imbued with curiosity, so my life is glutted with Student Union,

leagues, many organizations and so on.Furthermore, I have to show solicitude for my study because it is what I need most on campus. Last but not least, there are always some speeches and chair.

So it always makes me feel exhausted. But then again, many new things and companions are waiting for me. I'm sure, with my hardworking, and I will search out the life style pertaining to myself, Isn't it amused?

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