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记叙文(写事 一般现在时)

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80.中学生活是丰富多彩的,尤其是学校里的课外活动,如打篮球、集邮、参加书画、电脑小组等。你最喜欢哪一项课外活动?活动中你都做什么?说说你的理由和想法。 提示词语: take part in, activity, after class, be interested in, think, important, grow up... ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

One possible version:

I am a middle school student. After school, my classmates and I often take part in different school activities. I am very interested in computer science, so I join the computer group. I learn to search for information and download music from the Internet. I also learn English online. The Computer helps me widen my eyes and I think it is very important to learn to use it in our modern life.




revision, senior high school entrance examination (高中入学考试), virus, spread, fact,

should, hope

_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ One possible version

We are now busy preparing for the senior high entrance examinations. Unfortunately, a fatal virus, H1N1 flu, is spreading throughout the world. Facing this unlucky fact, I think we should keep our personal health, keep the air fresh and take enough exercises. The most important, we should keep on studying, save every minute and solve the problems in our lessons. I hope I will enter my best-wished senior high school.



80. 一家英文报社正在开展题为“I enjoy helping others” 征文活动,请你投稿,简述你在校内外是如何帮助他人的,并谈谈你对助人为乐的感受和你今后在此方面的打算。

提示词语:in school, out of school, help, classmates, old people, think, happy

One possible version:

I enjoy helping others

I enjoy helping others both in school and out of school. In school, I get on well with my classmates and often help them with their lessons. On my way home, I always give my seat to old people or women with babies on the bus. I think helping others can not only make us happy, but also help us get more experience in life. I will go on doing so as much as possible and work hard at my lessons in order to help others better in the future.




提示词:birthday, want, give, be good at , grow up, enough, hope, in the future


One possible version:

Li Lei is my best friend. On his birthday, I want to give him an English dictionary. Do you know why? He is good at English, and he says that he wants to be an English teacher when he grows up. But he doesn’t have enough money to buy an English dictionary. I hope he can use the dictionary I give him to learn English well. I also hope that he will become a good English teacher in the future.



75. 某英文报纸就“学生在家庭中如何节约能源”这一话题进行征文活动,请你投稿。


提示词语:important, protect the environment, save energy, turn off, recycle, feel proud of ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 文段表达 (15分)

75. It’s very important for everyone to protect the environment. As a student, I always try my best to save energy at home. I turn off lights when I don’t need them. And I try to save water when

I wash the dishes. I don’t throw bottles or newspaper away because it’s better to recycle them.

I think everyday activities at home can make a difference to the environment. I feel proud of myself, and I will not only keep saving energy but also advise others to do the same things as me. If everyone cares about protecting the environment, I’m sure we’ll have a better life.



75.10月15日是世界洗手日。为配合防治“甲流”(H1N1 Flu)的宣传,学校要办一期黑板报。老师让你用英语写一篇稿子。

稿件内容包括: 1)我们为什么要勤洗手。



提示词:the spread (传播)of diseases, palm(手心), back of your hand, wrist(手腕),

soap,before meals

_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 75. One possible version:

Washing our hands is the most important step in preventing the spread of diseases.

But do you know how to wash your hands properly? First, water your hands with running water. Then use a soap to help you wash better. Next wash your whole hands completely including your palms, fingers, wrist and the back of your hands. Finally wash all soap off yours hands.

In my opinion, in order to fight against the H1N1 Flu, everybody must wash his hands more often. From now on I should wash my hands more often, especially before meals and after coming back from public places.




提示词语: I, a middle school student. be busy, kinds of lessons, fun, take part in, activity,

interested, grow up , important

十、 文段表达(15分)

80. One possible version:

A. I am a middle school student. I am very busy because I have a lot of lessons to learn every day. But we also have lots of fun after class because we often take part in different school activities. I'm interested in computer and I often go to our school computer group. I learn how to get useful things from the Internet. Sometimes I send emails to my friends. I think it's very important to learn to use the computer because they are useful in everywhere in our life. I want to work for our country with computer when I grow up.

B.I am a middle school student. I’m busy learning kinds of lessons every day. But we also have a lot of fun because we can take party in different school activities. I’m interested in singing. I often go to singing class after class. We learn to sing many beautiful songs and get much knowledge about singing there. When we have a party in class or in school, I often sing for them. I always feel very excited because I'm welcome by everyone. Sometimes we go to sing for old people . It makes them not feel lonely again. I think singing can not only make me learn a lot but also make others happy. I hope I can be a singer when I grow up because I want to make everyone happy.

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