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Unit 3
I’m more outgoing than my sister.

Section B 3a-3c

Task 1 warming-up

Task 1 warming-up

I am bigger than you, aren’t I? Yeah! I am taller than you, aren’t I? Yeah! Also, I run faster than you, right? Yeah! I am stronger than you, little mouse! I am going to eat you! Mouse: But wait ,wait a minute,you forgot one thing. Cat: What? Mouse: You are also heavier than I am. Bye-bye! Cat: Mouse: Cat: Mouse: Cat: Mouse: Cat:

Task 2 Revision

Let’s have a game!
smarter heavier


finer thinner funnier

hard-working outgoing smart quiet early fine heavy funny thin


more outgoing more hard-working

Task 3 Pre-writing

3a Wang Lingling and Liu Lili are best friends. Look at the chart below and compare them. Wang Lingling Liu Lili

Groupwork 3a Wang Lingling and Liu Lili are best friends. Look at the chart below and compare them. Wang Lingling Liu Lili tall tall long straight hair short straight hair like reading like sports popular popular outgoing outgoing funny serious smart hard-working

3a Discuss these questions about Wang Lingling and Liu Lili in your group.

What do they look like? What are they like? What do they like doing? Are they similar/ different ? In what ways they are different/similar ?


Fill in the blanks according to the chart
?Everyone has his or her best friend. Wang Lingling’s best friend is Liu Lili. ?They are both tall, but Wang Lingling’s straight hair is longer than Liu Lili’s. Wang Lingling likes reading and Liu Lili likes sports. Both of them are outgoing. Wang Lingling is as popular as Liu Lili .Wang Lingling is more serious , and Liu Lili is funnier .Wang Lingling is more hard-working, and Liu Lili is smarter than Wang Lingling. ? Although they have different character, they can be best friends .

3b Fill in the chart in 3b and describe your friends.
A friend who is similar to me Name(姓名): Apparance(外貌): A friend who is different from me Name: Apparance:

Hobby(爱好): He /she is…


______is my good friend. He /she is similar to me .

______is my good friend ,too . He/she is different from me. He /she is…






My friends


?A life without a friend is a life without a sun. I’m lucky I have two good friends ,Tina and Lucy. ?My friend Tina is quite similar to me. A friend is



like a mirror .We are both a little fat . We are both

quiet and serious , too . She likes to do the same
things as me . We often enjoy shopping together. ?My friend Lucy is different from me. She’s

funnier and more outgoing than me. She’s smarter
and she’s a good listener. She truly cares about
Ending 结尾

me . We can talk and share everything.

?Can you tell me something about your good

3c Task 4 while-writing
Write two paragraphs describing two of your friends.
写作要求:字数80-120。 参考词汇:both, as … as , than, be

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