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My Sunday

It Sunday. I up at seven o'clock. After breakfast I my room. Then I my homework. I shopping with my mother by bike in the afternoon. I one of my best friends Li Lei and with her for a while. Before supper I table tennis with my father. In the evening I the internet andbooks. I really a busy and meaningful day.

Ann’s Diary

work. Nancy. She at home. I didn’t know one o’clock. I to school and see my friends.





Today was very hot and the weather was dry,especially at midday.I think that no things could be more intolerable then this.At this moment,the sky bacame black,then the rian started soon.

By the rian,I could feel the cool winds and breathed the fresh air,you know that the air was quite different in the raining days.Wow,the feeling was good.

At noon,the rain was over,I went for a walk after supper.The earth was soft and wet,so it made my shoes muddy and difficult to walk.

After rain,the grass was more green,the shy was more bule and the sunshine was more bright.What a nice day!

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