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80.在一堂"爱我家乡,爱我枫山"的主题班会上,老师让你们进行小组活动,就"如何幵发枫 山的旅游资源"提供金点子。以下表格内容是你们小组的讨论结果,请根据表格内容,并 发挥想象,用英语写一篇80词左右的短文,发表在校英语报上。短文的开头部分已给 出,不计入总

80. We have different ideas about how to make Mount Feng a travel spotlight. My classmate Liu Ying thinks it's a good way to plant fruit trees on the mountain, where the visitors can pick fruits by themselves and eat them for free. Li Ping comes up with the idea that an amusement park can be built there to make the visitors relaxed and enjoyable. Besides, it helps keep them strong and healthy.

In my view, building a lake will make it touristy. The visitors can not only enjoy the clean water in the lake , but also go swimming, fishing and boating in it. (85 words)

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