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根据英文提示,以“我最喜爱的人"为题,写一篇不少于50字的英文短文,但内容必须涉 及下面英文提示中的3个方面。题目已给出。(注意:不能出现真实姓名,有关人物姓名用

Mary或Mike代替。) Be sure to tell us

* who and what he(she) is.

* personal information: such as (例如) age, appearance (外貌), hobby, personality(性格)

* why you love him (her) and what is special about him (her).

The Person I Love Best

The person I love best is my English teacher. Her name is Mary. She has a round face with two big bright eyes. There is often a big smile on her face. She's slim because she keeps doing sports every day. Her favorite sport is volleyball. She plays it very well. She' s also good at singing, dancing and drawing.

Her class is interesting and lively. In class, she acts as an actress, an artist, an instructor and so on. After class, she talks with us like friends. We all think highly of her.

Mary is my first English teacher. Before I touched English, I was worried about it. Mary helps me a lot. She often says, "Where there is a will, there is a way."

That's Mary — a nice, excellent teacher

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