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SOHO lifestyle is becoming popular

发布时间:2014-05-12 13:03:47  

SOHO lifestyle is becoming popular

"SOHO" stands for small office home office. It means doing your jobs at home or somewhere besides your workplace.

As time is so precious in this high speed society, many people prefer working at home, which saves time spent on getting to workplaces. Then more important time is taken to work whatever you want to do. Another important reason why people show their great preferences to soho is that you don’t need to find a so called workplace to start business. To be a soho businessman, all you need are communicating tools to keep the pace of outside, to get business information. However, many people think it not deal because it is not benefit from communication and socialization.

In my perspective, soho expresses the spirit of working freely, and it is freedom that makes so many people be soho workers. But, we also need go into the public and communicate with the civil.

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