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考场作文1...Studying in groups can save our time, In groups we can express our own ideas,we can also encourage each other.

Last week, we studied in groups about nature, I learned a lot from the discussion.I also expressed my own ideas and had fun with my classmates.

Studying in groups have opened my mind and I have got on well with others, it has improved myself. I like it very much.

考场作文2... Studying in groups has many advantages. We can exchange our ideas to others. It will open up our mind and save our time.

Once I failed in the exam and worried a lot, but students in my group encouraged me. They also gave me a lot of advice on how to pass an exam.They cheered me so much that I passed the next exam successfully.

Studying in groups makes me successful. During the time that we spent togher, I learn how to get on well with each other. I love studying in groups.

考场作文3 ....Studying in groups brings us a lot of advantages. We can save time when we study together. It’s easy for us to express our own ideas. And we can also encourage each other to study hard.

Thinking back to the past, there was a great experience the I spent with my classmates. We tried our best to solve a math problem. With the help of my classmates, we solved the problem successfully.

Through studying in groups, i open up my mind to think about problems and get on well with my classmates. Last but not least,i have improved my self a lot. In a word, Studying in groups is a useful way for us.


Studying in groups is becoming more end more popular. It has many advantages. For example, we can not only save time but also encourage each other when we study in groups. I still remember when i was in Grade 8, my physics was very poor, I had a really hard time with it. Once in a class, i studied with some classmates together. I was very relaxed and asked my classmates a lot of questions about physics. I didn’t feel stressed out at all. At last, I finished my homework by myself for the first time. How excited I was!

Because of studying in groups, I am not worried about my physics any more. I get more confidence with my classmates’ help. It also gives me more chances to improve myself in many ways.

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