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—— By Chen Huali 1、To get students familiar with the skills of writing a summary

2、To enable students to summarize an argumentation by finding the

topic sentences and using skills .

To rewrite the topic sentences by using skills

To find the topic sentences and use the skills when writing a summary of an argumentation

Step 1. Lead in (学生导学稿“合作探究”)

1.评析“Writing 8 ” 的概括中出现的问题


【 Sample 1 】The passage tell us …

【 Sample 2 】The passage tells us the reason why work is good for health.

【 Sample 3 】The passage argues that hard-working people live longer and career women are healthier and discusses the reason why work is good for health is that work can keep one busy, and serves as a bridge between man and reality. Besides, it makes people feel a sense of success, and his value and status in society.

【 Sample 4 】 The writer tells us work is helpful to health. It is because work keeps people busy, away from loneliness. Besides, work gives one a sense if fulfillment and a sense of achievement.

【 Sample 5 】 …… Work is so important that we must work hard and happily.

2、Question: What should be paid attention to when writing a good summary of an article? 概括时要注意什么?


3、小结: 写概括时的几个注意事项


Step 2. How to write a summary(课前自学完成)

1、 议论文概括模板:论点+ 论据(+结论)

the topic sentences +supporting sentences(+conclusion) 2、 解题步骤 ? 步骤1:审题

定时态——如果材料是过去时,那么基本时态用过去时;如果是现在的,那么用现在时; 定人称——一般情况下采用第三人称来写作。(特殊如书信的,可能会用第一、二人称;) ? 步骤2:确定论点论据——确定主题句

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Smoking cigarettes is harmful to your health. Experiments show that cigarette smoking can cause cancer. Besides the most serious and terrible disease(illness), cancer, cigarette smoking also can cause other health problems. For example, it can give one a “smoker’s cough”. Finally, studies have shown it is easy for cigarette smokers to catch colds. Whether you get an unimportant cold or terrible killer, cancer, smoking is harmful. Is it worth it?


Often no one looks more guilty than the innocent. On the other hand, nobody may look more innocent than a professional criminal. And the man who knows “everything” may really only be trying to hide his own weakness. So, it is foolish to try to judge a person only by his appearance.


If you were planning to buy a television set, the following advertisement would certainly draw your attention: “Color TV. Only $79. Two days sale. Hu--rry.” However, when you go to the store ready to buy. You may discover that they are sold out. But the shop assistant is quick to tell you that he has another model. A much better set which is “just right for you” It costs $395. This sales method is called “bait and switch”. Buyers are baited with a sales advertisement, and then they are switched to another more expensive one.


主题句一般出现在或有时也在。(没有主题句的需要自己组合) ?

? 步骤3:改写论点论据(运用概括常用技巧)

Task: 完成周报练习,总结概括时常用到的技巧有哪些?


? Exercises I、 学以致用: 运用常用技巧改写句子

He won the champion(冠军). Governments have carried out many campaigns. Liu Jie is a student. She is very beautiful, and She is 16 years old.

The child is really clever. His neighbors all like him.

In spite of the fact that he is lazy, I like him. II、拓展提升 —— 运用技巧改写高考真题主题句


①(2013年读写任务)To many people even the word “work” sounds unpleasant.

→ ②(2013年读写任务)It (the job) does not give them any real satisfaction.

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③(2013年读写任务)Society can’t function a single day without the “dull and boring” jobs. → ④(2010年读写任务)All school kids admire this trend. But it upsets adults.

→ ⑤(2010年读写任务)The toughest part on me at first was the general adjustment.

→ ? 步骤4:连句成段

3.学习小结: 议论文概括解题步骤


(三)、实例讲解 —— 作文(8)


读写任务: 阅读下面的短文,然后按照要求写一篇150词左右的英语短文。

Scientists find that hard-working people live longer than average men and

women. Career women are healthier than housewives. Evidence shows that the jobless are in poorer health than the job-holders. A study shows that whenever the employment rate increases by 1%, the death rate increase correspondingly(相应地) by 2%. All this comes down to one point: work is helpful to health.

Why is work good for health? It is because work keeps people busy, away from loneliness. Researches show that people feel unhappy, worried and lonely when they have nothing to do. Instead, the happiest are those who are busy. Work serves as a bridge between man and reality. By work, people come into contact with each other. By collective activities, they find friendship and warmth. This is helpful to health. The loss of work means the loss of everything. It affects man spiritually and makes him likely to disease.

Besides, work gives one a sense of fulfillment and a sense of achievement. Work makes one feel his value and status in society. When a writer finishes his writing or teacher sees his students grow, they are happy beyond words.


1. 审题——确定时态人称

2. 确定论点论据—— (形式:论点+论据1+论据2) 划出主题句

3. 改写论点论据(运用概括常用技巧)

论点: 论据1: 论据2:

4. 连句成段


以约30个词概括下文的主要内容(应用议论文的解题步骤、概括技巧进行解题) ?

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Exercise 1 (09汕头)

I like watching TV very much, for I think it has many advantages. First of all, watching TV is a way to help us relax. After a day of hard work, we need a good rest. Pleasant shows can make our mind and body much relaxed. There are many kinds of shows, such as sports programs, concerts, plays and films from all over the world. It`s not possible for us to go to every place to enjoy all the activities within a short time. We usually need about eight hours to fly from New York to Pairs, and about a week by train from Beijing to Moscow. But within just one second, TV can take us from an NBA game in New York. But within just one second, TV can take us from an NBA game in New York to a fashion show in Pairs.

Most importantly, watching TV is educational. We can learn all kinds of subjects through educational programs and special reports on TV. For example, it`s easy for us to learn Chinese from a Chinese teacher in Beijing and to learn Russian from a Russian teacher in Moscow. TV can even teach us good manners, how to cook, what to wear, and so on.

If you ask people what makes them happy, you will probably get many different answers but there are two fundamental things that will ensure happiness.

The first part of what makes people happy is growth. When you feel like you are improving your life, that's when you are happy. It doesn't necessarily mean that you have to constantly buy bigger and better things. You need to feel like you are growing on a personal level. You need to know that the essence of who you are is continually improving in some way. Keep looking for ways to make yourself better today than you were yesterday. This can mean different things to different people but the point is that you have to feel like you are improving and getting better as a human being as time goes by.

The second part of what makes people happy is the sense of contribution. Everyone wants to believe that they were put here to do something great. As long as you know that by your being here, by doing what you are doing, you are helping someone somewhere, it will bring you happiness.

These are two ways of how to find happiness. Are these the only answers to what makes people happy? That depends on how you define happiness.




? 概括要注意的事项

? 概括的常用技巧

? 议论文的解题步骤

(六)Homework :



(七) 总结与反思:

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