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In contemporary society, according to a survey which is conducted by a famous international organization reveals that making success in individual’s career is more and more important for everyone. So is it much easier to achieve success with help from one’s family than what is like before. Different people have different opinion on this issue. Some people believe it is a easier thing while others hold the opposite idea. In my personal sense, I am in favor of the former one.

On the one hand, with the quickly development of economy in past 20 years, there is undeniable that numerous people become richer than past and have a better life with their family. Parents earn money from their work in the companies. And they do not need the kids to support family when they just grow up. In this way, children in the family can get help from their parents to learn some skills and knowledge that are beneficial to their future development and make them more easier to get success.

On the other hand, as we all know that, china government allow every family to have only one child in today’s society. Because of the one-child policy parents will take more attention on their kids development and improvement. There is a survey published on china daily shows that more than 90% parents in big city would like to send their children to learn dancing and singing after school. As the consequence, living in these

family will lead kids more easier to get success in the future.

The last but not the least, education developing in past decades also make great contribution to people’s development. Parents who have a higher education level play a extremely fundamental role for children success. They can help children to get more knowledge and broaden their horizon and experience on life. In addition, they will give great suggestions on the ways to get success in a right direction.


From what we have discussed above we can safely come to the conclusion that it is easier for children to achieve success with the help from their family. Parents should set a good example for their kids when they are young. Only in this way can we, the young generation in 21 century, have a great progress and achieve success easier in our life.

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