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1. 根据话题,分类汇总教材知识 2. 根据例文,分部细化写作过程
例文 审题 头脑 风暴 翻译 单句 连句 成篇 亮点 提升 主题 升华 实践 练笔 评价 修改

3. 根据话题,分子话题补充例文

最近,网友自发发起旨在倡导厉行节约,反对浪费的 “光盘行动”(clear the plate),引起众多媒体和网友的 热烈反响。请根据以下信息,以“”为题谈谈自己对这一 问题的认识和看法.

“光盘行动”1. 在家里用餐吃多少剩多少,吃光自己盘中的

食物; 2. 在外就餐时将吃剩的菜打包回家。


1. 可以避免浪费,减少污染; 2. 能养成我们勤俭节约、爱惜粮食的好习惯。

get richer and richer happy life food -saving worry about food think of people in hunger

In modern days, more and more people get richer and richer and they live a happy life, and they pay less attention to food-saving. Nobody worries about food and few people can think of people in hunger.

carry out
call on

eat up when……pack
save….., form……
Recently, plenty of net-friends carry out a clear-the-plate action on the internet, calling on people to save food. It suggests that we should get suitable amount of food that we have at home. On the one hand, we are told to eat up all the food We have on our plates, On the other hand, when we go out for dinner, we must Pack home all the food we can’t finish. In this way not only can we save a lot of Food, reduce the rubbish but also we can form a good habit of saving food.

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