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最新中考英语热点作文预测及范文背诵完整版 (5)

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最新中考英语热点作文预测及范文背诵 1)每个人的成长都是一种蜕变的过程,从幼稚走向成熟,从逆境走向成功。请你用英语写一篇80词以上的短文,谈谈你在成长过程中所经历的最大的一次蜕变。内容要求:1.变化前后分别是什么样子的?2.促成你转变的主要原因是什么?3.你为变化而付出了怎样的努力?注意:短文中不允许出现与考生本人相关的真实姓名和校名等信息。


I used to be a naughty boy and my mother used to be angry with me. Now I’d like to say I’ve changed a lot. In fact, all is because of my mother’s diaries.

One day I saw my mother’s diary book by accident while I was looking for my notebook. I was curious and began to read my mother’s diaries. In her diaries, she showed her deep love for me. She also expressed her disappointment when I made mistakes. She said she loved me so much and she believed I could be a good boy. I couldn’t help crying after reading my mother’s diaries.

Since that day, I have changed a lot. I work hard and share some housework. I also try to understand my mother’s feelings.

2)你国外的朋友Paul想了解你们的英语老师,请根据下表提示用英语写一篇题为“My English Teacher Alva”的短文。要求:

1. 题目与开头已给出,不计入总词数; 2. 介绍必须包括所给要点,但不要逐条译成英语; 3. 词数80左右。

My English Teacher – Alva

Alva, my English teacher, is from England and is about 29 years old. She has blonde hair and she always wears a pair of glasses on her nose.

She is strict with us in our study, so all the students are well-behaved in her class. Although she is strict, she can get along well with all the students because she is very kind and patient. Whenever we have difficulty in English learning, she will help us to deal with the questions. We all like her lessons very much. That’s because she is very creative. Her teaching style is quite different from that of the others. She prepares her lessons well and corrects our homework carefully. In class she always encourages us to think hard and develop our ability to study on our own.

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