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最新中考英语满分作文真题解析 范文背诵 完整版

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中考英语满分作文真题解析 范文背诵




? 某英文报纸就家务劳动,人人都应该学做一些。谈谈你经常帮父母做哪些家务,


? 提示词语:every family 、 lots of housework 、learn to do、help、parents

Every family has lots of house work to do. As a member of a family ,everybody should

learn to do housework. In my daily life, I usually help my parents clean the

house ,beautify our yard and cook.

? I find it interesting and I like it when I stay with my parents. In order

to relax my parents I plan to do more housework in this summber holiday .

I believe they must be proud of their daughter for what she does!


? As a member of a family

? 此处As用的非常好,对整个句子进行了原因方面的补充说明。

? I believe they must be proud of their daughter for what she does!

? 作者运用了be proud of 短语,生动,准确的表达了‘为······而自豪’之意,作



要求:每个人都有自己的朋友。假如你最好的朋友叫李华(Li Hua),是光明中学的一名学生,

请根据提示,以``My Best friend’’ 为题,写一篇英文短文,谈谈你的朋友李华。






2. 写作要求:短文内容应包括提示的观点,语言要流畅,可围绕要点适当


My Best Friend

I have a lot of friends ,but I think Li Hua is the best one .He is an

eleven-year-old boy and studies in GUA naming Middle School .He is not only short ,but

also very fat .The round face wears smile all the time .Last year ,I addicted to

the computer games .He told me the harm to play the computer games and helped me

to study lessons .Little by little ,I caught up with the others .And we become good

friends .He is clever and his lessons are great .Everyone in our class likes him.

1 a lot of很多 2 not only?.but also? 不但。。。。。而且。。。。。 3 play the computer games 玩电脑游戏 4 little by little 渐渐地 5

catch up with 赶上

6 get addicted to 沉迷于

1 but 引导的转折句:

I have a lot of friends ,but I think Li Hua is the best one .


2 and引导的并列句:

He is clever and his lessons are great.



? I am Sally . Everyday I am very busy. I have too many rules in my house. I

have to get up at six o’clock every morning. I must have my breakfast at

7:00 o’clock . I can’t meet my friends after school because I have to walk

my dog. I can’t watch TV on nights. And I have to be in bed by 10:00 o’


? On weekends, I have to make my bed and clean my room. Then I have to wash

the dishes. Later I have to go to the Children’s Palace to learn the guitar.

I love music. But I can’t listen to music. At home .I never have any fun.

My life is so boring.

? I have to be in bed by 10:00 o’clock.

? 而且我必须在 10:00 点钟之前睡觉。

? I must have my breakfast at 7 o’clock .

? 我一定要吃我的早餐在 7点钟。


? 以Believe Myself为题,用英文写一篇短文,记述自己在学习或生活中克服困难的


? 提示:?你遇到了什么困难;?你当时的感受如何;?你是如何克服困难的;?你从此


? 要求:?短文中不得出现真实姓名、校名、地名等,否则不计分;?短文要切合题意,


Believe Myself

? Many people will meet with all kinds of difficulties in their life.what shall

we do when meet with difficulties?Shall we give up or shall we try our best

to overcome them? Different peoplehave different ideas.

? Two years ago,I went to a new shool in the city, because my father found

a job there. At first I couldn't understand the teachers. I tried my best

to listen to the teachers carefully, but I still couldn't understand them.

How disappointed I was! At that time our monitor had a long talk with me. ? He ehcouraged me to study harder and never give up. He often helped me with

my lessons. Little by little I could understand my teachers and caught up

with my classmates.I did quiet well in the Mid-term exam.How happy I was!

I thanked our monitor again and again. From that I learned that nothing is

too difficult if one puts his or her heart into it. BELIEVE yourself, and

you will win.

? overcome: 克服

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