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最新中考英语满分作文真题解析 范文背诵 完整版 (4)

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中考英语满分作文真题解析 范文背诵


1.【广西贺州】 最近,你们学校开展了以“中国梦,我的梦”为主题的活动,作为一名中学生应该有自己的梦想,你的梦想是什么呢?请你以“My Dream”为题写一篇英语短文。


My Dream

Everyone has his dream. My dream is to be a doctor. When I was in Grade Seven, I was sick and often went to see doctors. The doctors were very friendly to me and they often cheered me up. With the help of them, I was getting better. Now I?m very healthy. Since then I have hoped to become a doctor. In order to achieve my dream, I will study hard. I?ll give my love to the patients as much as possible and help them out of danger.

To be a doctor is really great. I think my dream will come true one day.

My Dream

I want to be a writer when I grow up. Writing has been part of my life. Through writing I will be able to share my ideas and make friends with others.

I can achieve my dream by reading widely and by working hard at school to learn as much as possible. It's also important to find out how successful people did it so that I could learn from them. I?m determined to hold on to my dream till one day it come true.

3.【青海】某英文报社以“My dream,the Chinese dream”为题开展征文活动,请根据以下提示和要求用英语写一篇短文投稿。提示:1.谈谈你的梦想,并说明如何才能实现你的梦想;2.只要每个人为自己梦想去努力,中国梦就能得到实现。

My dream, the Chinese dream

Everyone has his own dream. Dream is regarded as the goal of one's life.

My Dream is to be a good doctor. The reason why I want to be it is that some doctors saved my life after I was badly injured in a traffic accident. Their superb medical skills impressed me deeply. From then on, to be a doctor in the future has always been an inspiration to me. I have been working very hard in order to turn my dream into reality.

One's personal dream is a part of the Chinese dream. Therefore, “long as everyone makes great effort to do their own jobs very well, it will be easier to reach our Chinese dream because we know "the more people, the more strength".



参考词语:红绿灯traffic lights, 缺乏交通安全意识lack traffic safety awareness

遵守交通规则obey the traffic rules

Chinese style of crossing streets has been a hot topic on the Internet recently.

Nowadays, many people cross streets without looking at the traffic lights. Why? I think there are two main reasons. Some people lack traffic safety awareness. Besides, some people are so hurry that they don?t want to wait for the green lights.

However, it has brought danger to themselves as well as to others. So I hope something must be done to avoid traffic accidents. For example, whoever breaks the traffic rules should be punished.

As middle school students, we should obey the traffic rules. What?s more, I will try my best to advise people to obey the rules. Only in this way can we cross streets safely.

2.【重庆】埃及千年神庙惊现中文涂鸦“丁××到此一游”。此事曝光后,引起国内外广泛关注,某国外英语网站就此发起讨论。请你以一名中国中学生的身份,跟帖发表自己的看法。 要点提示: 1.表明身份; 2.发表看法 3.你的行动。

I come from China. I?m also a middle school student like Ding. When I read the news, my heart ached. What Ding did made me sad. Ding should feel really sorry for that. As a student, it?s very important to care about what we do in public. For example, we?d better keep our voice down. I will be more polite to people around me and take better care of public things. And I?m sure we Chinese will show our best to the whole world!


1. 自我介绍;2. 描述你一次类似的经历,并说明你当时的感受;3.作为学生,我们该怎么做?请提出两个建议或做法。

Good morning, everyone! Let me introduce myself first. My name?s Li Ming. I?m a student of Class One Grade Nine, Hongxing Middle School. Do you want to know something strange that I have experienced? Yesterday morning I received an-email. It said I won the prize of a new computer. I was so excited! I gave them a call as quickly as possible. And they told me that I had to pay them two hundred yuan. I did as they told me. But two weeks later, I still haven?t received the prize. I realized that I had been cheated. I felt really

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