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China and globalization

Nowadays globalization has been mentioned extremely frequency in the whole world in several parts especially about its influence in the economy, politics and culture. China, as the country which has the hugest population of the world, facing both homogeneity and negerogeneity. Globalization to China is both opportunity and challenge. How to grasp the opportunity and rise to the occasion is particularly important. As we know, China joined the World Trade Organization in 2001 and occupies an increasingly position in the international economic stage. In conclude, in the economic sphere, China benefits a lot. But in other hand, China indeed losts a lot. For example, the culture. Since the reform and opening-up policy came into effect, a large numbers of native culture has been faced an unprecedented challenge. Such as the many traditional processes, minority’s languages and so on.

To my view, the Chinese model of development in globalization is far from being a successful model applicable to other developing countries. China gains several opportunities to its development. China needs to engage in two reforms at home and abroad. Political reform in the sense of establishing checks and balances, and, to bridge the gap between the rich and poor, the enforcement of the rule of law. However, these reforms alone are not enough. China also needs to actively get involved in the reform of global institutions to make globalization more favorable. Only by making globalization better will China be able to keep its economy developing in a more sustainable way, thereby making the global economy healthier and more stable.

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