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英语作文 炎亚纶 the person i love most is Aaron Yan

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the person i love most is Aaron Yan

Everyone has their idols, I am no exception, my idol named Aaron Yan. Aaron Yan, a singer, comes from a musical group named Fahrenheit. He was born on November 20th. I love him very much because he is true. My parents are worried about that I am blindly pursuing stars, however, I feel I don't blindly worship him. There are some factors why I love him.

Firstly, he is a talented man who can sing songs and play lots of instrument, such as piano, flute, guitar and so on. He had a beautiful voice which makes me feel warm. Listening to his songs, I lose myself in his songs.Not only does he do well in music, but he devotes himself to acting. His talent appeals to me deeply.

Secondly, he is a hard-working man who practices every day. Hardly had he has short day off when he learnt some skills of singing to full of his spare

time. Although he is exhausted, he still insists on work. He always gets ill and hurts because he continues to work. In spite of this, he puts into his work.He depends on his own efforts, he is known by a number of people. He said: " no pains no gain. " All those who knew him admire him for his work. I hope I can become a person who is working-hard like him.

Thirdly, he is a considerate man who always cares about his fans. When his fans wait for him a long time, he is sorry for it. That is why plenty of fans love him very much. Although he is really busy, he is also willing to stop his steps to listen attentively to words of fans. Sometimes, he told us to love our families and friends. He has a lot of strong points that I have to learn. In my eyes, I admire the way he has coped with life.

In a word, he has experienced so many things, step by step, though slowly, Aaron still come up strong.

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