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名词单复数,第三人称单数,拼写,标点符号, 大 小写方面。

人称: Mr. Green works hard, she is the best worker in their office. 时态: One day, they are going to the island. 主谓一致: Everyone in our class work hard. 习惯用法: He helps me in my English.

注意语序 (感叹句,疑问句,宾语从句)
Jim works very hard. So does Jack.(前后主语非一人)
A: Jim works very hard. B: So he does.(前后主语为一人) He didn’t know where the bookshop was. The boys want to know how they should do it.

My work is very busy.
I’m very busy with my work.

I very much like it.
I like it very much.

语言是否正确, 规范地道。 ? 避免中国式英语
I spent 10 yuan buy the book. × He by bike to school.


A. 平时注重解题技巧的养成
罗列信息,认真分析,审清题意,列出要点。 ②.紧扣要点,寻求思路。 草拟提纲,确定开头,选词、选句,拟好结尾 (可适当发表自己的观点)。

①.开门见山,紧扣主题 。
参观农场的日记: 关于度假:

Last Sunday we visited West Hill Farm.

We had a happy holiday in Jiaxin last weekend.

②.语言正确, 规范地道。

I spent 10 yuan buy the book. × He by bike to school. ×




?以写正确、通顺为最基本要求。 ④.过渡自然,




为了使行文连贯流畅,巧用连接词与过渡语可使句子 简洁、明了,句子间的逻辑关系更加密切,使文章更具有 条理性,层次更加分明,文字连贯流畅、自然,从而达到 更好的表达效果, 常用的过渡用语有:

a. 表并列或递进: and, both…and, neither…nor, not only…but also, as well, as well as, besides, what’s more, also

b. 表选择: or, either…or. c. 表转折或让步: but, although, though, yet, however, no matter…, after all. d. 表对比:like, unlike, while, compared with…
e. 表举例:for example, such as…,take …for example,in one’s opinion, in other words.

f. 表强调:in fact, of course, besides, first of all, Worse still, What’s worse

g. 表时间顺序:when, after, before, as soon as, soon after, since then, then, later, next, at last, first, secondly, thirdly, finally,at the same time, afterwards, meanwhile h. 表因果关系: because, since, as, for, for this reason, because of this, in this case, therefore, so, i. 表结论:in a word, in one word, in short, on the whole, to tell the truth, It shows that…, It’s quite clear that

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