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Unit3--4 作文训练


? 当今社会,由于工作竞争压力和升学压力,给 人们的家庭生活带来了影响。 ? 近来,韩梅梅的父母关系紧张,他们经常会因 为韩梅梅的爸爸工作繁忙,晚上很晚回家争吵。 在教育孩子方面,父母意见也有分歧,爸爸认 为孩子应该分担家务,以便培养孩子的独立能 力;妈妈则认为,孩子的主要任务应该是学习, 取得好成绩,将来上个好大学,找个好工作。 ? 针对韩梅梅的家庭矛盾,如果你是韩梅梅,你 该怎么做? ? 请你根据韩梅梅家的情况,写一篇文章,不少 于80词。

? Nowadays ,people have more and more stress from their work and study ,and the stress affects people’s life . ? Recently the relations between Han Meimei’s parents become difficult . They often fight over some little things . For example ,Meimei’s father is very busy with his work ,so he often gets home late and he doesn’t have time to help with the housework .As a result ,her mother is very angry with her father . ? Secondly , her parents have different opinoins in teaching children . Her father thinks Meimei should learn to share some housework and doing housework can help her develop her independence .Bu her mother has a different opinion , she thinks Meimei’s main task is to study ..

? So Meimei should spend all her time on schoolwork so that she can get good grades and get into a better university .


In my opinion ,I think Han Meimei should try to make the two things work out .She can do her best to finish her homework as fast as possible so that she can have time to help out with some housework .


当今学生很不容易,他们不但有来自学 校老师的压力,还有来自与父母的压力。 他们每天有大量的作业要做,导致他们 睡眠不足,也没有时间锻炼身体。周末 回到家里,家长又送他们上各种各样的 课外辅导班,如钢琴课,足球课,英语 课等等。他们和父母之间缺乏流通和理 解,因而时而不时会发生争吵,甚至发 生离家出走现象。 ? 针对以上情况,请你代表当今的学生呼 吁一下,表达一下你的心声。文章不少 于80字。


Nowadays being a student is not easy .They have pressure not only from their teachers but also from their parents . ? On weekdas they have too much homework to do , as a rusult ,tthey don’t have enough sleep ,some students even fall asleep in class. What’s worse ,they have no time to exercise ,some of them are in poor health . On weekends ,things are not better than weekdays . Their parents send them to different kinds of after-school classes .,such as basketball practice , football training ,piano lessons and exam skills . They have no chance to communicate with their parents and tell their parents how they feel . So fights often happen

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