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Suppose you are Joe. You had a big argument with your best friend and you haven’t talked to each other for a long time. You want to write a letter to him / her and get your friendship back. 假设你是Joe,你和最好的朋友吵了一架,你们俩已经好久没有说话了。你想写封信给他/她,希望能恢复你们的友谊 Dear Tom,

Where do I even begin? I suppose saying sorry is a start. I’m sorry.

These days I keep thinking about the problems between us. I messed everything up. I hope that you can forgive me for what I did. I treasure our friendship and all the things we’ve done and been through. And hopefully what happened can become one of those incidents that would make our friendship stronger.

You know how to contact me. I hope you do. Love from, Joe


随着社会经济的发展,越来越多的同学选择出国读书(study abroad)。你们班在老师的指导下,开展了对出国留学利与弊的讨论,以帮助同学们做出正确的选择。请根据以下表格所给的信息,以

参考词汇:培养cultivate(v.) 学费 tuition(n.) Dear Editor,

I’m a student in Class 3, Grade 9. In our class meeting, we had a discussion about the advantages and disadvantages of studying abroad.

Studying abroad may enlarge our knowledge and improve our ability as well. We may also cultivate independence while studying abroad. However, studying abroad is a double-edged sword. It may cause a series of problems. The tuition may cost a lot. Even worse, we may feel lonely and have to deal with all the problems by ourselves. In our opinions, we should think it over before we make the decision. I’m looking forward anxiously to your reply.

Yours, Mike


以“健康的身体,美好的生活”为题学一篇不少于60词的短文,标点符号不占格。 Suggestion

1. What’s the relationship between health and life?

2. How do you keep healthy in order to live a better life?

Good health is the best treasure a person can posses. Good health enables us to enjoy our life and achieve what you hope for in our career. On the other hand, poor in health, we can not achieve much though we are well-educated. Therefore, health is very important to us.

How can we keep healthy? First, we should keep a balanced diet. As the saying goes “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. We should eat more vegetables and fruits but less meat. In addition, getting enough sleep is also important. Without enough sleep, we feel tired and irritable. Finally, regular exercise is essential for a healthy mind and body. If we are in good health, we can enjoy our life better.


以“我更偏好________(电子书 / 传统纸质书籍)”为题学一篇不少于60个词的短文

I like __________ (E-books / traditional paper books) better

I like E-books better

It’s said that the age of E-book is coming. I am one of those E-book readers. I’d like to recommend you to join us. I have some good reasons.

First, E-books are cheaper than traditional paper books. Publishing E-books needn’t paper or printing oil. It needn’t transportation, either.

Second, E-books can be delivered by internet which is much quicker than the traditional way of buying books. Readers can get their new E-books as soon as they click the mouse! They don’t have to wait for the delivery man.

Last but not the least, E-books won’t take the space of your shelf. You can read and save them in your electronic devices. It is convenient to take them with you even in your pocket if you store them in your mobile phone!

I believe an increasing number of people will choose to read E-books.


Suppose next Sunday is your birthday. As usual, your parents and friends will give you a lot of gifts such as a beautiful card, a nice T-shirt and so on. But you don’t want to get these things. Try to describe a special gift you are looking forward to.(假如下周日是你的生日,像往常一样,你父母和朋友将会送给你许多礼物,如漂亮的卡片和T-shirt等等,但你不想要这些东西。请你描述一下你期望的礼物

A special gift I am looking forward to

When you think of gift, what kind of picture comes into your mind? Maybe a beautiful card, a lovely toy or a meaningful book. I used to receive gifts those above. However, the actual gift, I’m looking forward to is a relaxed weekend.


With the development of society, I have to study hard so that I can go to a good senior high school. In order to reach this purpose, I have no choice but to have lessons at weekends. I am eager for a relaxed weekend. I want to have enough sleep and rest. I want to go out to breathe fresh air. I want to watch my favorite films. I want to do whatever I like.

In short, my special gift is just a relaxed weekend. And the reason why it is special is that it hardly becomes true. But I will also hope for it all the time.


Write a passage of at least 60 words. The beginning of a story is already given. Vocabulary Bank (以下单词仅供参考)

rain heavily, so we had no choice but to cancel our activity. It was really disappointing.

Then all of us began to pack up and were ready to return home when I found that I forgot to bring my umbrella.

The rain was not expected to stop in a short time. How unlucky I was! Just then an umbrella was held above my head. I was so surprised that I looked back immediately it was Allen! At this moment, I found all other people had gone except him. Before I could say anything, he smiled and said, “Come on! Let’s go home together!” But his home is the opposite direction! Overwhelmed by his kindness, I smiled back and said “Thank you, my friend!”

As the saying goes, “end in need is a friend indeed.” True friendship would never leave you alone!


以“我们周围的变化”为题,写一篇不少于60个词的短文。 Sentence patterns for reference (以下句型仅供参考) ※ Are there any changes around you? ※ What are the changes? In which place? ※ What do you think of these changes?

Changes around us

We used to live in a small village with trees and fields all around. There were no tall building and the only road was narrow. Just outside the village, there was a river. We often swan in the water in summer. People there lived a simple but happy life.

In the past few years, great changes have taken place. The narrow road becomes wider, and a lot of cars and trucks are running on it day and night. You can also see tall buildings, stores and factories everywhere instead of fields and trees. People in the village earn more

money than before.

However, we have lost something while enjoying the modernization. With the development of industry, there has been serious pollution. We have fewer trees, and the air and water are polluted. We do like the comfortable life today, and meanwhile, miss the clear and fresh surroundings we used to possess. If we want to have both, what should we do?


以“我所获得的一个奖赏”为题写一篇不少于60词典短文 Use the following points as a reference. ﹡ What did you get as a prize? ﹡ When did you get the prize? ﹡ Why did you get the prize? ﹡ What do you think of the prize?

The prize I got

It just felt like sunshine to me when I saw the beautiful smile on my piano teacher’s face. That’s the prize I got.

Actually, it was hard to please the severe teacher. Sometimes I could even feel his anger because I could hardly control the rhythm of the music well. Anyhow, I made up my mind to give a wonderful performance the next time. I practiced harder than before. I listened to the tape again and again to make sure I could remember the whole piece in my heart. I played the same piece hundreds of times. Finally, I played it so fluently and correctly that my teacher got shocked. He gave me a pleasant smile. That was a prize to me. The time seemed to be paused and my happiness was beyond description. I got so much from his smile, such as praise, affirmative and trust. It became my motor and made me forge ahead without any fear.



Use the following questions as a reference. (以下问题仅供参考) ※ What was your weekend like in the past?

※ What do you have to do at the weekend now? ※ What have you really hope to do at the weekend?

My Ideal Weekend

All work and no play makes jack a dull boy. As a junior grade three student, I am as busy as a bee, always having too much homework to do. I am looking forward to a weekend when I can relax myself without any homework. If I have a weekend like this, I can do lots of interesting things. First, I will have a good sleep. Then I will spend much time playing ball games, such as badminton, basketball and so on. Besides ball games, I


will surf the Internet for useful information and fun as well. I will listen to the music for relaxation. If my dream comes true, my weekend will be both colorful and meaningful.


Suppose you are Linda, your pen friend John from Canada wants to know how you will spend the coming summer holiday. Please write an e-mail to tell John about it. (假定你是Linda, 你在加拿大的笔友John想了解你即将到来的暑假,请你给John回一封邮件)

I’m very happy to tell you how I will spend the coming summer vacation.

I will start the vacation at the beginning of July and it will last about two months. I will do many things to relax myself, such as going swimming, surfing the Internet and watching TV. I will go to a summer school for two weeks to study English. But I want to do most is traveling with my parents. We have been to many places. This summer, we are going to Australia. I’m sure we’ll have a good time.

I wish to visit you in Canada one day.



A present for Mother’s Birthday

Liu Mei got up early on May 21st, 2005. she remembered it was her mother’s birthday and she wanted to give a big surprise to her. It was a good way to send a card and some flowers to her mother, as she knew her mother liked flowers.

Suddenly a serious problem came to her mind, “A card is cheaper, but it was made of wood. Wood! Trees! Forests! They are so important for us all. How can we cut down trees for cards?” soon she gave up buying a card.

A moment later, she came up with an idea and took her action. She washed her mother’s feet instead of sending her a card.

“It’s the best present for me.” Her mother said happily.

That Saturday was an unusual day for both Liu Mei and her mother.


Your best friend Amy told you that her mum always read her secretly and she felt very angry about it. She turned to you for help. Write a letter to Amy to help her deal with her problem in at least 60 words.

你的好友Amy告诉你她母亲总是偷偷看她的日记,她感到很气愤。请给她写一封信帮助她解决这个难题。 Dear Amy,

I can understand very well how you felt when you told me that your mum secretly read your diary. I don’t think your mum has done the right thing, but I do know she cares about you very much and wants to know more about you. Feeling angry or having an argument with your mum won’t do any help. You can tell her directly reading your diary without your permission has hurt you a lot and need your privacy and respect. From time to time, you can have a talk with your mum, telling her more about what your life is like. I am sure it will improve the relationship between you and your mum. If you need more of my help, please let me know. Yours Ling



Use the following questions as a reference. (以下问题仅供参考) ※ What do you think of the idea “learning by doing”? ※ Show one or two examples to support your view.

1) I think learning by doing is a good idea because students can gain more knowledge and happiness from it. Once in my primary school, the teacher asked the students to make paper like Cai Lun. I found some leaves, nets and mixed them with water. Then I put the mixture on the board and laid the board in the sunshine. I succeeded in making some pieces of paper finally. I felt happy and I also learned how Cai Lun made paper in the past. Therefore, I believe that learning by doing is a good way to study.

2) I am sure that nobody can do something well without practice. We need to learn things by practicing. For example, no one is born to know how to ride a bike. And in class, it’s hard for us to do some exercises very well for the first time. But we practice. We do exercises all day long and finally we can work them out easily. It is the same with our life. When we meet something difficult, we needn’t be scared. We can practice more and we will achieve our goal. We do more, we learn more.

3) I think learning by doing is a good idea. It is very useful. Firstly, we can know many things that we can’t learn from books. For example, when I help my mother to plant flowers, I know how flowers grow. I know it’s hard for my parents to raise me. And learning by doing also makes learning easier and more interesting. Scientists show that we can remember things more easily if we learn them by ourselves.


以“一件难忘的事”为题写一篇不少于60词典短文 Use the following points as a reference

※ What was your unforgettable thing? ※ How did you feel after that?

An unforgettable thing

Last Sunday, I climbed a mountain with my father. It was really an unforgettable


experience to me. At the beginning, I was deeply attracted by the fantastic views of the mountain. The sweet songs of the birds and the wonderful smells of the flowers brought me lots of pleasure. Soon later, I felt tired of climbing and begged my father that I wanted to give up. He said nothing but told me to insist. Without any other choice, I had to keep following my father. Step by step, I succeeded in getting to the top of the mountain. I lost myself in the attractive views and realized “Pleasure come through toil”. What an unforgettable day!


以“… 让我开心”为题写一篇不少于60词典短文。

Use the following points as a reference.(以下问题仅供参考) ※ What / Who makes you as a reference?

※ What do you think of that? (Give one or two reasons.) ※ Why do you think it makes you happy?

________ make(s) me happy

Music is something that makes me happy. No matter how busy I am, I would find time to enjoy listening to music because it brings me happiness. For busy students like us, listening to music just makes our life more colorful and enjoyable. Once I didn’t do well in my examination, I felt sad, therefore, I turned to some classical music for a change. By and by, I felt much better and more confident. Music is beautiful beyond description. Needless to say, the more I listen to it, the happier I will become.



Use the following points as a reference (以下问题仅供参考) ※ What is your favourite place?

※ How often do you go there?

※ What do you often do there and how do you feel?

My favourite place

There is a public library standing near my school, just ten minutes’ walk. As an ordinary library, it doesn’t have a large number of books, due to its limited space, but I would rather stay there because it’s really a suitable place for me, quiet and comfortable. As a matter of fact, whether a library is a wonderful place depends not only on its collection, but on its environment as well. Therefore, every Friday, I walk there to read books after school if I am free. It is there that I not only enrich my knowledge but also broaden my mind. Thus, the more books I read, the more knowledge I will get. In brief, the library plays such an important role in my life that it has become my favorite place to go.



Sentence patterns for reference (以下问题仅供参考)

※ Which place would you like to visit most?

※ Why would you like to visit it most? (Give at least two reasons) ※ What is your travel plan?

The Place I Would Like to Visit Most

When asked about their favourite place, most people may reply “New York”, “London”, “Shanghai” and other big cities. But my answer is: Shaoxing, an ancient town with beautiful scenery, which is located in Zhejiang Province.

Known as the city of clean water, delicious wine, beautiful calligraphy and outstanding people, Shaoxing attracts visitors all over the world. There are three special things that you can not see anywhere else but Shaoxing. Shaoxing is a wonderful and peaceful place where I can relax myself from hustle and bustle of the city life and enjoy both beautiful scenery, delicious food and friendly people as well.

I just can’t wait to spread my wings to visit it during the summer holiday.


During the past three years in the middle school, I have had many unforgettable experience. One of them was when our class prepared for the choir contest. In order to win the contest, we went all out for it. During the week before the contest, we practiced singing in our free time. Although it was a hard job, every classmate took it seriously and did his best. Thanks to our efforts, we won the first prize. Hearing the exciting news, we were all wild with joy. The moment we got the prize, an old saying hit my mind --- No pains, no gains. It was hard work, but during the course of preparation, we developed friendship, confidence as well as understanding.


以“因特网改变了我们的生活”为题,写一篇不少于60词的短文。 Use the following points as reference (以下问题仅供参考) ※ What was our lifelike before the Internet was invented? ※ What changes has the Internet brought to our life? ※ What do you think of the Internet?

As we all know, our life has been changed greatly by the Internet. Before the Internet was invented, our life was very inconvenient. We couldn’t know more about the world, either. However, these problems are solved perfectly by the Internet. Nowadays, our life is very colorful and comfortable. We


can search the information quickly on the Internet. We can do some shopping without going out as well. In my opinion, the Internet is really good for everyone and brings so much convenience to our life.



Suggested questions:

※ What did the father want to do?

※ What did the father probably say to his son?

※ Why did the policeman come and what did he probably say to the father?

※ What kind of examples should a parent show to his / her child?

Useful expressions:

(be) proud of jump over the fence(围栏) Let me show you…

A good example shout out with joy stand still

A terrible model

One day, a son was crossing the road with his father. However, there was a fence in front of them. While the son was wondering how they could cross the road quickly, the father said to him, “I know the easiest way to cross the road. Let me show you.” Then he jumped over the fence quickly. The son was so excited that he shouted out with joy. Just then a policeman came over and said to the father, “How dangerous it is! Please don’t do it again, especially in front of your child!” the proud smile faded on the father’s face, he just stood there without a word. What a terrible model he had made for his son! In my opinion, good parents should always show their children the right thing to do and help them to have good manners. I hope there will be more responsible parents instead of the terrible models.


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