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英语作文 城市好

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I live in the city. I am overwhelmed by the sounds and the fast paced life of the city. You don't know anyone's name you don't smile or . It is impersonal and isolating...

In contrast we are going to be moving to the country for my husband's retirement here in a few years so we have been spending time in rural settings attempting to determine where we want to go. The problem is that every place we stay for a while we say is 'the place.' We have some common observations for those small town rural places...

The people are friendly, alive, interactive.

The environment is more natural and beautiful and peaceful and calm.

The quiet is refreshing and soothing.

The feeling of being in a community is overwhelming as a visitor but I am sure lovely if you stay.

The benefits to city life are the activities and the opportunities and the excitement. I would like to live country rural with the city a few hours away so that we can take advantage of the cuisine, the entertainment, the fun, and life in the peace and quiet and the slower pace.


It is really hard to say which is better than the other, city life or rural life, because each has its merits and shortcomings.

Living in a city, people have certain advantages. First, people enjoy various

entertainments, both foreign and domestic. Second, there are more cultural activities in a city. Third, city dwellers(居民) gain access to better information service and educational facilities. However, problems exist. The overcrowded population, traffic jam, housing

problem, industrial pollution and other issues may result in depression, nervousness and diseases. laving in the country, people can enjoy living in pure nature. They lead a simple and trouble free life. But rural life may not be that perfect. People usually lack cultural activities. They are relatively ill informed (消息闭塞). Things go fairly slowly there. And people miss some golden opportunities of making a fortune. The chances of their children being admitted to colleges are slim(不多).

Obviously, whatever life they lead, people can never feel perfectly satisfied, for

conveniences and inconveniences always coexist (共存). People wish that they could enjoy the pleasures of both lives. With the rapid economic development, nowadays city dwellers can relax themselves in the country during vacation; and country


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