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七年级范文 待打印

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(1). 道路交通安全是大家很关心的一个话题。据报道,很多的交通事故都是由于人们违反交通规则而造成的;为了维护大家的交通安全,我们要牢记交通规则。请根据提示用英语写一篇文章介绍基本的交通规则。









Every year a lot of people got hurt or died in traffic accidents. It is reported that people often break traffic rules when they are walking on the street. So it is important for us to obey the traffic rules.

When we cross the street, we should take the crosswalk. If we are riding bikes or motorcycles, keep riding on the right side of the road. When the red light is on, please stop and wait until the green light is on. Give a hand signal if we want to turn or stop. It is important to let the children know that playing on the road is very dangerous. It’s good for us to help old and children cross the street.

If everyone obeys the traffic rules, it will be much safer to walk or ride on the road.

(2). 暑假快要到了,你有没有给自己制定一个度假计划呢?假如以下表格是你的度假计划,请根据表格中的内容,写一篇旅游计划。



The summer vacation is coming. My parents, my sister and I are going to Beijing for holiday. Weare going to stay there from August 1st to August 5th. We’re going to the Great Wall, because it's great. And we plan to visit the Forbidden City to learn some history. We’re also going to the Summer Palace, one of the most beautiful parks in Beijing. I’m sure we’ll have a good time.

(3). 我最喜爱的节日(圣诞节可套用)

Chinese New Year is my favorite festival. It usually comes in January or February. It is the most important festival for us.

Before the Chinese New Year, we are busy shopping and cleaning our houses. My parents always buy me some new clothes. On Chinese New Year's Eve, we have a big family dinner. We usually eat some Chinese food. It’s delicious/ nice. After dinner, we often watch TV together. I can get lucky money from my parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts. I can buy what I want with the money.

We always have a good time at Chinese New Year.

(4). 假如这个星期天是你父亲(母亲)的生日,你想对他(她)说些什么?(父亲节母亲节可套用)


Dear father, this Sunday is your birthday. I want to say “Happy birthday to you! My dear father.” You always work so hard for our family. But I never say “Thanks.” to you. Today, I will tell you, “Thanks for your hard work, for giving us so much. I will study hard at school. I will try my best to become a good son/daughter.”

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